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10 Beauty Regime Tips for Bride To Be

Beauty Regime Tips for Bride
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Weddings are the most awaited event of anyone’s life. It’s a day to mark new beginnings and you must have always dreamt of cutting a dash on your special day.

To get that perfect look so that all eyes are glued to you, you need a bridal beauty regime.

We know you are busy with so many things during the wedding , that you end up not getting much time.You may have always wished that you look your prettiest on your D-Day and every time the camera flashes on you.

To achieve that stunning look, you need to put in some efforts with this pre-wedding beauty plan, which we will share with you in this article. Take a look!

Pre-Bridal Beauty Regime to Bring Wonders to Your Skin

Listed below are some of the must-follow beauty tips for every girl who will soon be married.

1) Moisturize your skin without fail

It’s not bad to look younger than your age, and a moisturizer helps you do that by eliminating fine lines and acne.

Also, your face and neck’s skin is very delicate and sheds cells quickly. So to replenish them, they need moisturization.

Owing to the sensitivity of your skin, you need a chemical-free moisturizer like Beeswax moisturizer by Trnatva.

Soaked with pure saffron, lavender and a lot more, it will provide deep moisturization to your skin, making it baby soft.

2) Tone yourself with Yoga

To fit in your favorite designer outfit on your wedding day, you need to lose some sweat with Yoga. 

Several yoga asanas like dhanurasana, kapalbhati, and dandasana can be an excellent way to start your mornings before your wedding.

Moreover, you can always choose an asana depending on which part of your body you want to trim. And, it cannot get better if you merge it with meditation.

Practicing meditation with Yoga will bestow you with naturally glowing skin along with easing you from stress.

3) Give yourself a dazzling smile

Now it’s time to include dental care in your bridal skincare routine to obtain that white smile. For which, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

While visiting your dentist, ask for his advice on whether cleansing would do or would you need to go for any skin whitening treatments. He may also suggest any other dental treatments for that matter.

Additionally, to fix up your smile, you can opt for fruits like strawberries and pineapples, which are natural tooth brightening remedies.

4) Say Goodbye to those harsh soaps

To keep your skin in the pink of its health, you need to avoid using chemical soaps.

These soaps can make your skin dry and rough. And, that fragrance that attracts you can cause severe damage to your skin.

Instead of which, we recommend you to infuse the goodness of natural soaps in your shower with Sandalwood and Multani Mitti soap by body muse.

It promises you a light-skinned tone by healing your skin from dry patches and minimizing tanning effects.

5) Maintain a Healthy Diet

To get the desired benefits from your beauty regime, you need to take a healthy diet.

Firstly, you have to stop eating fast foods like chocolates, chips, and icecreams, which can cause skin breakout. Intake more nutritious supplements like fruits, vegetables, and sprouts.

Keep a count on the number of glasses of water you have each day, as a hydrated body is a key to charming skin.

To ensure that you take all the nutrients in a balanced way, you can consult your dietician.

6) Awaken Up Your Eyes

The best wedding beauty care regime cannot be complete without taking care of the eyes.

To sparkle up your eyes, you need proper sleep for at least 7-8 hrs per day. A good night nap will give you relief from dark circles.

Further, to have those beautiful eyes, you can use  Saffron under Eye Gel by Body Muse, packed with the richness of Clove oil and Frankincense oil.

This soothing gel is a solution to puffiness plus signs of ageing that appear first under your eyes.

7) Schedule for Body Massages

As soon as the wedding bell starts ringing, you need to prepare for so many things that may stress you out. And, above that, all those dance practices can be tiring.

To destress yourself, you need something that gives you a soothing experience, and body massages fit the bill.

They provide your skin intense nourishment by treating them with essential oils. Furthermore, these oils help in getting rid of tanning, itching, and pigmentation.

8) Merge Shampoo with Hair Packs

You must wash your hair 2-3 times a week, but every time don’t go for just shampoo as its over usage can make your hair thin and dull. So, to nutrify your strands adopt hair packs.

You can always make a hair mask of your own. If you cannot make a hair mask due to your busy schedule, then fenugreek, nettle, and ginger hair pack by Bliscent comes as your savior.

It will strengthen up your hair along with reducing breakage and frizziness.

9) Opt for Manicures and Pedicures

A wedding gives you a perfect excuse to go for manicures and pedicures. Moreover, your hands and feet can get tanned due to regular exposure to the Sun, making it a necessary Beauty regime for Indian brides.

Your nails play a vital role in enhancing your fingers and toes, so to rinse off all the dirt, you need manicures/pedicures.

10) Don’t forget to Exfoliate

Your skin needs to be detoxified regularly. As repeated occurrence of dead skin cells can clog the pores resulting in those blackheads and whiteheads.

And, the best way to detoxify your skin is exfoliation.

While opting for exfoliation, opt for natural body scrubs like Mother of Pearl and Volcanic Ash by Seer Secrets.

It will bestow you with clear and shiny skin by removing dark spots and acne. Also, it will boost the collagen in your skin.


At your wedding, you cannot afford to have any flaws. And, to look elegant and graceful in all your wedding attires, adopt these beauty tips. This will surely let you have the most memorable walk on that aisle.

Also, these tips, if followed regularly, can bestow you radiantly beautiful skin throughout your life.