10 organic Lipsticks For The Perfect Pop Of Color

10 organic Lipsticks For The Perfect Pop Of Color

organic Lipsticks
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10 organic Lipsticks For The Perfect Pop Of Color

You all must be wondering ‘why is there so much fuss about organic and natural lipsticks’ ? Well, yes the hype is real. There’s no secret that organic makeup and lipsticks are one of the most fashionable and effective trends nowadays. 

Many conventional lipsticks contain chemicals like BHA and heavy metals which can cause serious harm to your lips and on top of that, these chemicals won’t be found on the ingredients label of the list.

Organic lipsticks form a blockade on your lips which helps in protecting your lips from harsh weather, especially the cold and wind. It has been the most popular part of makeup since decades and there’s no manifestation that this will change anytime in the future prospect. Just imagine how great it would feel to apply something natural and organic without causing any harm to yourself and the planet.

Looking for safest lipsticks to use?

We have curated a list of non toxic and natural lipsticks. These lipsticks are made from pure ingredients and aren’t contaminated with any harmful chemicals. Take a look below.

  1. Soultree ayurvedic Lipsticks : soultree is an organic makeup brand certified by BDIH. It’s lipsticks are enriched in organic ghee which provides moisturizing, soothing and lightning effects to the lips. These sticks also contain honey for maintaining the softness of the lips. Moreover, there is no synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrance involved while curating them. You can choose the colour of the lipstick from the list of 24 different shades available.
  1. echt beauti : These multi purpose pot lipstick shades provide ever lasting moisturization to the lips and can also be used as a blush and eyeshadow. Basically, this product is a multi tasker and a good investment. You can choose your favourite from the availability of 9 different shades of colours to glorify different skin tones. All the pot lipsticks and lipsticks tubes are highly pigmented which provides a good stay even after having multiple meals.

  1. Ruby’s Organic: Ruby’s organic is India’s first organic makeup brand which deals in creating a wide range of high quality organic and natural lipsticks with different shades according to the indian skin tone. All the lipsticks are infused with the goodness and properties of organic butter and nourishing oils to provide hydration and softness to the lips. You can try different shades from the wholesome list of lipsticks.
  2. Organistick : Looking for a substitute to harmful conventional lipsticks? Organistick lipsticks are one of that kind. These cream based lipsticks have a very smooth texture with a little bit of shimmer that provides shine and long lasting effect to your lips. There’s no age restrictions, even teenagers can use these sticks without worrying about the health of their lips.
  1. Tinge : Tinge is a handmade and customized makeup brand that ensures in delivering products according to the indian skin tone. All the ingredients involved in manufacturing the products are clean and sourced from India. Tinge’s lipsticks are packed with velvet butter and oils that are rich in antioxidants and have a moisturizing formula that helps in providing moisture to the dry lips.

  1. Eco-Bella : The motive of this brand is ‘Live the wonder of flower colour makeup’. Lipsticks by eco bella is a perfect way to provide the natural glam to your lips as they are naturally formulated with pure flower extracts to provide a healthy and glossy finish. Other than that, all of the lipsticks are rated a 1 on the EWG site.
  2. Hemp Organics : ‘Lipsticks what you’ve been searching for’. These USDA certified lipsticks are a blend of castor oil, jojoba oil, plant wax and hemp seed oil which is useful in enhancing the natural pigment of your lips. Available in 37 different shades to get the perfect pop colour.
  1. Bare Minerals : Bare mineral’s lipsticks are full of nutritional benefits and healthy minerals and have antioxidants and nourishing properties. Get the perfect pouty lips with a wide range of lip shades and lip balms. Use these complexion expertise creamy and long lasting lipsticks to get the flattering look.
  1. Quinta Essentia Organic Lipsticks : These handmade and Organic lipsticks are derived from the best natural ingredients which includes natural plant waxes and pure lavender healing extracts that help in providing moisturization and lustrous colour to your lips. These are absolutely free from parabens, leads, artificial perfumes and other harmful chemicals. They are also vegan and cruelty free.
  2. Living Nature : Living nature is a 100% organic and natural lipstick brand which is certified by BDIH and holds an excellent EWG rating of 2. Shop glamorous floral designed lipstick edition for attaining the creamy and lustrous lips.

All these organic and natural lipsticks are not only chemical free but also can protect your lips from getting dark and dry. Do not forget to read the reviews and ingredients of the product so that you can get the idea of the brand and the product. Moreover, these brands for organic lipsticks are the safest you can find in your long search for the safest lipsticks. Shop ladies!