3 Colors LED Light Therapy Face Mask and How does it work?

3 Colors LED Light Therapy Face Mask and How does it work?

LED Light Therapy Face Mask
LED Light Therapy Face Mask

What is an LED Light therapy face mask?

     Taking care of the skin should always be someone’s priority. Practicing a healthy skincare regime and having the proper knowledge of how to use them can help prevent common skincare issues and premature signs of aging. Having a skincare routine is just as important as eating well, drinking water, and taking vitamins. An LED light therapy mask is a one-stop solution to your every skin care problem.

LED stands for light-emitting diode therapy. LED face masks are free of ultraviolet rays and rather use color light therapy in a specific wavelength instilled with tiny LED bulbs, including red and blue colored lights to increase facial blood circulation and promote collagen production. This kind of therapy was only available at the dermatologist’s office but today using it at home became a thing and can be introduced in your daily skincare regime.

 ‘’Collagen is a natural substance which is found in the dermis and is the most generous protein in the skin’’.  These masks boost collagen volumes which specifically is crucial in skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

To get the true benefit of an at-home mask, try it on your bare face because makeup prevents lights from penetrating deeply into your skin. Home Facial Masks have comparatively less impact compared to the treatment in professional derma’s clinic. This does not mean that they do not work. They are effective only if you use it on a daily basis and are more affordable than a professional’s skin clinic.

  • How does it Work?

It’s not rocket science. After washing and drying your face, you simply switch it on, choose your colour according to your skin problem and set the timer, before putting it on your face. The skin uses light as a source of energy to fuel the repair or regeneration of damaged cells. This one-size-fits-all mask is ergonomically designed for ease of use. Depending upon the power of your at home device, you need to use it minimum 20 minutes a day for several days to get the required and effective result.

Furthermore, with the large number of colour options available in this mask, you can use it to treat a variety of other skin conditions in addition to rosacea.

  • Red Light Therapy :   (Also known as Photograph Revival Therapy)

Red is mainly used for anti-aging and the wavelength of red light varies from 625-750 nm. It helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which means plumping up the look of thinning skin and tightening. It also helps in reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin and fixes rosacea. ‘’Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face”.

  • Blue Light Therapy: Blue light wavelength varies between 476-495 nm which causes the glands to produce less oil and an antimicrobial effect which results in killing the bacteria that causes acne, prevents further breakout and minimizes scarring.
  • Orange Light Therapy : The wavelength varies between 590-620 nm. It improves the function of oxygen exchange in the cells and accelerates blood circulation. It also reduces hyperpigmentation, improves skin suppleness, promotes a brighter glow for more radiant skin and adds vitality to dull and lifeless complexions.

There are minimal drawbacks of using LED light therapy face masks on the skin but it takes regular, consistent use of the device for optimum results. It works wonders for your skin and is ideal for at-home use since they are quick and simple to use. They can be a little expensive as compared to your other skincare products but the results are definitely worth it.