5 Perfect Outfits for Traveling During the Holidays - Guest Post

5 Perfect Outfits for Traveling During the Holidays

outfits for travelling
outfits for travelling

When we’re all worked up and frustrated with our jobs and everyday chores, we all need a good break. One of the best things to do in those breaks is to go travelling. Travelling is known to be the best during holidays – may it be the month of June and July or Winter Holidays. One thing to worry about whilst travelling is to not know what to pack. Well, here it is – all you need to pack is the clothes you’ll really need. 

We are here to give out an advice on what to wear on your holiday travelling. Of course, if you are travelling on Halloween, you need to make sure to grab the Wonder Woman Costume but if it’s not that, we can give you some amazing ideas. These outfits are really comfortable as well as classy. So get ready to update your entire wardrobe with these amazing ideas. 

  1. Trendy Sweats

When it comes to comfort, the comfort that lazy sweat pants give us can’t be compared. What you need to do is grab a plain tee along with a trendy athletic jacket, you can also pair it up with a bomber jacket and it’ll still look as amazing. Grab the most comfortable and cute jogging shoes along with a headband. The overall result would be worth drooling. Grab your most comfortable ones because it’s your holidays and you deserve to relax! 

  1. The Flier Outfit

This is one of the most trendy outfit which would work just fine no matter where you decide to travel to. Grab on a pair of skinny jeans, it’ll be better if they were denim – just make sure they’re comfortable. Make sure that they are above the ankles, because we don’t want to ruin the overall look. Pair it up with a boldly printed skimmer flat shoes and a stripped t-shirt on top of it. Throw on a printed scarf on it to spice it up a bit and here you have a comfortable yet ravishing outfit to wear on your holidays. 

  1. Comfy yet Classy

If you think you won’t be comfortable in skinny jeans and restricted leg room, here is the perfect outfit for you. Grab the most comfortable pair of trousers or sweats that would make you feel easy and light. Pair them up with a cool tee, it’d be better if it was a plain tee. Throw on a cool leather jacket on the top of it and a nice pair of sneakers to stay comfy. Don’t forget to grab a simple yet elegant necklace on that plain tee to make it worth looking it. 

  1. Get the Bomber

To get the most elegant yet the perfectly comfortable outfit, all you have to do is grab an embroidered bomber jacket and pair it up with a silk camisole. Combine it with a crystal collar tee, be it plain since we already have an embroidered bomber jacket and wear a good pair of leather boots. Make sure to have a good accessory to pair it with so you don’t look too simple. 

  1. Go Tight

One of the best yet most comfortable outfit is to throw on a stretchable scuba legging with a long (printed or plain) t-shirt. Grab a woven jacket on it to make yourself cozy and comfortable with an apple watch to wear on it. Pair your outfit with the most comfortable sneakers or even cool converse shoes. Go out in the sun and slay your tightly worn outfit. 

  1. Simple yet Smart

Grab a black plain tee to wear and pair it up with white denim jeans, make sure they’re stretchable to ensure your comfort. Throw on a loose yet classy wool-blend camisole and a cozy cardigan. Pair it up with the new and incredible Everlane’s Modern Oxford shoes and wear an Apple watch to create the perfect look. Go out there and turn some heads, girl. 

  1. Mix Colored

To have the most colorful yet happy outfit of all time on your holidays, grab a striped tee and a happy floral jacket which would create positive vibes all around you. Grab a high-waist skinny jeans with a low-top leather common project. Wear a pair of tassel earrings like a cherry on the top of a cake. Slay your colorful outfit and radiate positivity. 

  1. Best Turtleneck

Wearing a turtleneck can never go wrong. Grab a plain, sleeveless turtleneck with a cool jeans (not skin fitted). Wrap up a coat around yourself and pair it up with cool loafers. Make sure to throw on a nice little necklace to throw a pinch of fancy and you’re all set to slay those streets.

  1. Classics

One of the trendiest yet classiest outfits is to simply grab on to a wool cardigan along with a perfect fit crop with a front twist. Make sure to pair it up with high-waist trousers so you’re comfortable in those and some ballet flat footwear to be relaxed. Don’t forget your Gucci sunglasses and some cute makeup.

  1. Perfect Blithe

The perfect blithe outfit would be to have a striped jersey tee paired with a high-waist, skin fitted jeans. Throw on a printed yet matching scarf on it and a long, plain, sleeveless cardigan which would go perfectly with it. Grab some platform oxfords as your footwear and slay your outfit.