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Are You Clitorate?

Are You Clitorate
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The Clitorate is the powerhouse of female sexuality. It is the source of all our pleasure, power, and deepest energy. Learn how to engage in satisfying acts of intimacy with your partner. It will also teach you how to create satisfying encounters with men. It is the most effective way to improve your sexual health.

Clitorate is the powerhouse of female sexuality

Women’s clitoral sex is the primary source of female pleasure, according to Betty Dodson. In fact, a recent study found that over 38 percent of women never orgasmed, in part due to improper clitoral stimulation. The good news is that there are ways to stimulate your clitoris without causing pain or discomfort. You can also use non-penetrative sexual activities like holding your partner’s hand. You can also seek help from a sex therapist or doctor who can help you achieve an orgasm.

While most women don’t think about clitoral stimulation as a source of pleasure, it is a critical part of sexual health. Women’s clitoris is the sole organ in the body used for erogenous stimulation and gives a great deal of pleasure. Although the vulva is also a source of immense pleasure, the clitoris is the primary organ that produces orgasm.

It is the source of our deepest energy, pleasure, and power

Becoming Cliterate is a guide to sexuality and clitoris, and it offers a radical solution to pleasure for all. Written by a psychology professor and human sexuality expert, Laurie Mintz, Becoming Cliterate explores the power of orgasm equality and the importance of equal orgasm experiences.

There are many different methods for stimulating the clitoris. You can use your body’s own pressure, vibration, or oral stimulation. You can also rub the clitoris with your vaginal lips or inner thighs. While you’re rubbing, be sure to use pressure in the vaginal area. This will make the clitoris move.

It can improve your sexual health

Becoming Cliterate is a self-help book that can improve your sexual health and enhance your communication skills. It teaches you to make love and sex more pleasurable for both partners. It also helps men understand women’s body language and get over harmful myths about sex.

You can increase the pleasure of sex by simply telling your partner what you need. In fact, human beings are naturally curious, so learning more about your body can improve your sex life. Clitorate author Dr. Laurie Mintz has given you the tools to learn the areas of your body that you don’t yet know.

Becoming Cliterate will help you understand your body and how your clitoris works to improve your sexual life. It will help you understand how to create and sustain an orgasm, reduce the risk of UTIs, and improve your overall health.