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The Beautiful and Ugly Truths You Should Know About Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings
Beach Weddings

Carmina Natividad is one of the enthusiastic writers for Jennifer Regan, a shop in Sydney that caters to women who are looking for the perfect bridal dress to wear as they walk down the aisle. Her articles mainly focus on fashion and beauty, which help soon-to-be-brides prepare for their wedding day.

Once upon a time, weddings can only be held in a sacred architecture like a church. Today, modern brides and grooms love to think outside the box and ditch conventions when it comes to their dream wedding location. Topping the charts are beach weddings.

Tying a knot against the pink and orange sunset and the shimmering ocean view is nothing but romantic – it looks and feels like a captivating scene taken from a movie. Just remember that with great vision comes great planning and preparation. 

Beach weddings aren’t always beautiful, especially when you fail to take note of the potential problems that may occur. If you’re considering a beach wedding, here are the pros and cons you have to think about.
A picturesque natural setting that fits your idea of romance 
If you’re dreaming of a romantic wedding scene, you can never go wrong with a seaside wedding. Each natural element, like the sea’s turquoise hue, the warm, powder-like sands, the calming harmonies of the gushing waves and tweeting seagulls, and the fresh winds that subtly blow your flowy dress, works perfectly to establish a charming backdrop for the ceremony.
The sight of the vivid sunset adds to the drama as it suddenly envelops the surroundings with warmth and romance by the time you’re exchanging vows and having your first kiss as newlyweds.
It won’t hurt your budget
A seaside wedding is perfect for practical couples since it can be less expensive than other wedding venues. You won’t be paying a lot for location fees, which often play a huge part in your wedding budget. You may have to pay only for a small permit fee if you’re going to get married at a local public beach.
It’s great for both ceremony and reception
Next to cost is the ease of not having to worry about finding a second location for your reception. The wedding ceremony, as well as the reception, can both be held on the beach. There’s no need to travel when heading to dinner tables, which makes beach weddings convenient for everyone.
It’s perfect for minimalists and comfort-seekers
Whether it’s for budget or philosophical reasons, couples who opt for a simpler wedding celebration would love to be married on the beach. It caters to a more intimate setting with less number of guests.
You can also get away with the simplest decors and attires without skimping on style. For brides-to-be, you can go for a comfortable, light, and airy wedding dress, and walk with ease on the aisle.
A relaxing yet celebratory affair for everyone
Beach weddings are a modern and refreshing shift from stodgy, traditional weddings. It can be a casual affair wherein your guests can dress comfortably and affordably. They’re free to wear comfy sandals or go barefooted if you like.
The beach also opens an opportunity for everyone to have a little vacation without losing the celebratory mood. Everyone can simply enjoy the relaxing ambiance or plunge into the beach when the wedding program calls for it.
Public beaches will always be public beaches
If you’re getting married at a public beach, chances are you’re forbidden to light candles or start a bonfire. You can also get bothered by the sight of strangers if the beach is open to the public. Learn more about their rules ahead of time and consider whether you’re going for a public or secluded beach wedding. You should also get permits up to a year in advance, which is fortunately inexpensive.
You can’t argue with mother nature
While there are a lot of ways nature can fulfill your wedding vision, there are also a number of ways nature can ruin it.
Brace yourselves for a grumpy weather
A weather condition that doesn’t cooperate has always been outdoor weddings’ number one enemy. Gray skies and harsh winds can make every event organizer lose his mind. With this, you should have a backup plan, like an easy access to a function room or a gazebo, to save your wedding from becoming a total blunder.
And hot weather too
A bright sunny day is ideal for outdoor weddings, but not too hot. You should consider your guests’ comfort and tolerance to sunshine. Prepare sunscreens and beach umbrellas. Unless you pick hardy tropical flowers for your bouquet and decors, the flowers may also wilt due to hot weather
Watch out for pesky seagulls
The sight of seagulls flying along the beach is great – until you see them stealing your food, bugging your guests, or dropping their “surprise gifts” from above. Keep your food covered and don’t feed them so they’ll stay on the sidelines. Insects and bugs may also come uninvited so make sure to bring insect repellants
Mind the tides 
Rushing to saying “I do” due to the quick and unanticipated arrival of high tide is something you definitely don’t want to happen. Getting married in a dry and bare shoreline caused by the low tide is undesirable too. Make sure you’re informed about when the tide will be coming in and out so you can make the most out of your beach wedding experience.