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7 Benefits Of Lash Enhancement

Lash Enhancement

Were you ever getting late for a party but after completing your makeover you still feel something missing around your eyes? You did whatever you could do with the eye products but your eyelashes still feel quite dull and blonde. If this is the case then I have something interesting to share with you. The solution to your worries lies in the technique named Lash enhancement. What is this procedure, what are it’s pros and cons, I will unfold all information in this article on 7 benefits of lash enhancement.

Lashes play a significant role in uplifting our eyes and making them look better. Despite being a beauty enhancer it also plays a role of protecting our eyes from dust particles. So who won’t love having strong, healthy and darker looking lashes. But if they don’t grow naturally, with lash enhancement you can still have awakened eyelashes. But how? Let’s see.

7 Benefits of Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement is a procedure of tattooing the inner upper waterline of the eyes with a pigment, which provides the image of dark lashes. Pigment is usually of a black colour but some professionals prefer adding a tint of red. The reason behind adding a drop of red pigment is to let the tattoo cool down and prevent it from turning grey. Many times eyeliner tattooing and lash enhancement are used as synonyms but actually they aren’t.

Eyeliner tattooing- This is a kind of tattooing done on the outer eyelid. This is mostly permanent in nature.

Lash enhancement- This procedure is carried on the inner upper waterline of the eyes. Furthermore, it usually stays for around 2-3 years.

Lash enhancement is quite a technical procedure and therefore requires a lot of attention and care. Despite the amount of care on the professional’s side, the customer should also be aware of the procedure and prerequisites therein.

Prerequisites for Getting Lash Enhancement

  • Be clear-headed of the result you actually want after the procedure
  • Select a professional. As eyes are quite a sensitive part of the body so hand them over in safe hands.
  • Convey your thoughts properly to the professional
  • Mention if you ever got any eye related surgery or is pending within some days.
  • Clear every doubt you have in your mind
  • At the end, if you are totally convinced be ready to get pampered
  • Go without any eye makeup or lash extensions on the appointed day

If you have this query regarding what is the procedure of lash enhancement, then it is as follows:

Procedure of Lash Enhancement

  1. Numbing process- To start with the process, a topical anaesthetic ointment is applied above eyelashes for around 10 minutes. This helps in reducing the pain and to provide the customer with the maximum comfort during the whole process.
  2. Removing the ointment- After 10 to 15 minutes of applying the numbing ointment, it is cleared with the help of cotton bud. In addition to this, it helps in removing any leftover dirt on the eyes.
  3. Tattooing each eye one at a time- The tattooing procedure starts and the complete inner waterline is tattooed once.
  4. Repeating the process- This entire process of numbing and tattooing is repeated 3 to 4 times until the pigment is fully built up. According to the needs of the customers, the procedure can be repeated more times if their need is for more dark pigment.

The need for a darker pigment can make the process repeated several times, but it completely depends on the judgment of the professional keeping in mind various factors.

Lash enhancement is an amazing procedure as it makes the eyes look more fresh and alive.

Benefits of lash enhancement

  1. Enhances and lifts the lashes- One of the major benefits of lash enhancement is that it enhances the lashes. The lashes look darker with pigment despite that they actually are not. This provides a dense look to lashes and despite looking dull, they look a little lifted and alive.
  2. Stays for quite some time- Lash enhancements stay on the eyes for a time ranging from 2 to 3 years. For such a time your lashes look enhanced day and night without use of false lashes or mascara. This one-time investment saves you from the cost of many products for quite some time.
  3. Not painful- Lash enhancement isn’t a painful procedure. With the application of the numbing ointment, the pricking of the tattoo machine doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It feels a little itchy with a vibrating sensation but doesn’t cause any pain.
  4. Saves time while getting ready- How does it feel if you wanna dance more, but according to the rules the DJ shuts down at the time limit prescribed? Will you ask yourself why you didn’t come early? Obviously. With lash enhancement you can save the time you used to spend on your eye makeup and utilise that time partying.
  5. Don’t smudge- Beware of smudging in case of eyeliner or mascara but not in case of lash enhancement. If you are the one who sweats a lot, even sweat doesn’t smudge the pigment.

Tip: Avoid any exercise on the appointed day as the sweat on your face can restrain the pigment from retaining. Furthermore, tap dry your eyes Instead of rubbing them thoroughly.

  1. Removes tiredness from face- Many times even if we aren’t tired still the dull eyelashes make us look tired. With lash enhancement this problem is also resolved.
  2. Defines the eyes and is time effective-  This procedure makes the eyes look bigger and fuller. It defines the eyes and beautifies them. In addition to this, this is time effective. From the time you enter the salon to the time you leave the salon, it will take around one and a half hours to complete the full procedure.

Cons of lash enhancement

  1. Costly-  This is a costly procedure and a single sitting can cost you around 300$ to 600$.
  2. After effects- You may feel your eyes to be puffy or swollen after this procedure. They may feel a little elevated. However it will improve with the medications and proper care.

Customer reviews

Lisa said “ I lacked confidence because of my dull lashes. Moreover, I tried many products and had undergone many treatments but wasn’t able to feel a significant change. With the help of lash enhancement, I am able to love my eyes again. Although the after-effects are slightly disturbing with swollen eyes, overall it is an amazing method to get darker looking lashes.

Kylie said “With lash enhancement my eyes look fuller and bright. This technique helped remove the unwanted tiredness from my face, making it look more alive.


I am sure you must have gained enough information through this article on 7 benefits of lash enhancements. Lash enhancements prove to be quite effective only if the method followed therein is with extreme care and expertise.

Eyes are quite a sensitive part of our body through which we are able to see this beautiful world. So make sure that they are in safe hands. Wanna get effective looking lashes, go for lash enhancement.