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Best Gifts for Women’s Day 2023

Best Gifts for Women's Day 2023
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Best Gifts for Women’s Day 2023

Women deserve something extra special. Right!

Celebrated on 8th March every year, International women’s day is dedicated to all women of different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. On this day, we honor women for their hard work and effort to bring gender parity to the modern world.

Dedicated to all The movers, The makers, The hustlers, and The raisers, we have brought adorable gifts that you can give to your women. We at Indian style stealer have the ultimate collection of beauty care, hair care, and other products to glorify as well as to protect the skin of your beloveds.

You must give these lovely gifts to express your love as well as to honor your beloved!

Gifts For Women’s Day –  

Listed below are some of the most affordable yet authentic Women’s Day Gift Ideas that would make your woman feel appreciated!


  • Cleanser

HERBAL FACIAL CLEANSER – DRY TO NORMAL SKIN – Made with pure Haritaki, Bibitaki, Chamomile, and hibiscus, this product is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It cleans, purifies, and lights up the skin tone. Another key feature of the product is it is a 100% natural handmade, Ayurvedic, and cruelly free product

  • Toner

Toner and face mists help keep your skin fresh and happy, giving your skin an instant energized life, and help prevent acne. Other benefits of a right toner are:

  1. It heals your skin due to constant exposure to the harsh UV rays and environmental damage.
  2. Retains moisture in your skin.
  3. It helps absorb serums and moisturizers better.
  4. Hydrates skin and enhances skin complexion.

VETIVER AND CARDAMOM FACE MIST by Body Cafe can be an excellent gift for the special woman in your life. It not only plums up your cheeks hiding away all the tiredness from the skin, but also makes your skin look fresh and ready.

  • Serum

SAGE APOTHECARY HYALURONIC ACID AND BELGIUM LAVENDER DAY SERUM – This serum gives you a high content of moisture and when retained for an extended period reduces fine line and wrinkles by providing hydration to the skin

 Another key feature of this product is it is 100% natural, handmade, entirely based on ayurvedic content, and is purely vegan.

  •     Moisturizer

Moisturizer or emollient is used for protecting, moisturizing and lubricating. The skin emollient is derived from the Latin word mollie, which means to soften. You can opt for BEESWAX MOISTURIZER Trnatva which is infused with pure saffron that makes skin soft and glowing.

Another key feature of the product is that it is a pure vegan, cruelty-free and ayurvedic product.


  • Hair cleanser 

Get good looking hair with our bee pollen and orange pulp strength treatment hair cleanser, nourishing the damaged hair and repairing them from the roots. BEE POLLEN AND ORANGE PULP STRENGTH TREATMENT HAIR CLEANSER makes your hair shiny and dark as it is full of pure ingredients. About half of its protein is in the form of amino acids taken up naturally.

On top of that, it is a natural product made up of pure ingredients and contains approximately 40% protein.

  • Hair oil

SCALP AND ROOT HAIR OIL ( AMLA & CAMPHOR) is another perfect gift Women’s Day gift option as it has plenty of benefits for your hair. This nutrient-rich, quick-absorbing, and ultra-refreshing hair oil cleans the scalp of residues and build-up, promotes circulation, and encourages hair growth.

  • Hair pack

ANTI DANDRUFF NEEM HAIR PACK 100% NATURAL by Kans Natural helps treat dandruff, and adding volume to the hair .It helps to cleanse the scalp and reduce hair fall. Herbs like neem not only provide strength but also give shine to the hair.


  • WATERMELON, COCONUT, AND TURMERIC LIP SAVIOUR by Seer Secrets protect lips from too harsh weather providing it with the nourishment it needs. Due to watermelon extract, the lip savior is best for Indian summer.
  • RAW MANGO, PAPRIKA, And MINT LIP PLUMPER, again by Seer Secrets, gives a nourishing texture to your lips by enhancing the Natural color, Shape of lips. Packed with handmade natural ingredients, this plumper has no chances of side effects or allergies.

LIP SCRUB is also perfect for clearing away dead cells from the lips. Ingredients like brown sugar and vitamin E oil help keep the lips hydrated for a more extended time. This lip care essential is useful for softening and smoothing the lips. Plus, it helps in maintaining the lips pink and hydrated in prolonged sun exposure.

#4 For Eyes-

PUMPKIN AND ROSEHIP UNDER EYE OIL – This oil helps in reducing wrinkles, eye circles, puffiness from the eyes and also helps in removing dark circles from the eyes. Gifting this under-eye oil to your women will show your calmness and affection towards your women.

Packed with an ingredient of cocktail, this under-eye oil helps keep the user young and fresh throughout the day.

Gift Hamper – A Token of Your love and Care

There are some beautifully designed hampers by Indian style stealer that you can give to your women and show them how much they mean to you in your life.

Gifting away the hamper to a loved one is an excellent sign of showing care and affection towards them. These hampers are undoubtedly made for someone special as it carries all-natural and organic ingredients.

It includes quintessential nourishment for her hair and face and body such as:

  • Anti-hair falls gooseberry hair pack
  • Orange Citrus Handmade Soap
  • Hibiscus Hair Oil
  • Hibiscus Glow boosting mask
  • Vitamin C 20% Serum
  • Watermelon, Coconut, and Turmeric lip balm
  • Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser
  • Ultra-rich Maize Protein Lotion
  • Lavender Essential Oil


Years come and go, but some days are meant to happen in your life to create memories. As once a wise man told- ‘it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.’    

So, on this International Women’s Day, make your lady feel special with these beautiful gifts by Indian style stealer