Best Lipstick Shades for Your Outfits - Guest Post

Best Lipstick Shades for Your Outfits

Lipstick Shades
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As the culture takes curve, we just follow that path. Because it is kind of human nature. We all eagerly awaits for new fashion trends. But the question comes when we get confused about that new fashion trend, whether it suits on us or not. Well, in the era of lipstick shades I will guide you till you want. Here I am sharing some handy tips on choosing best lipstick shades for your gorgeous outfits. Have a look on these tips.

Nude ColorsLipstick Colors
RedNude shades of red, Red
BlackPlum, Hot pink, Deep Red
GreenPink, Peachy colors, Strawberry red, Corals
BluePink, Orange, Peachy colors, Navy Blue
YellowDark Red, Brown, Maroon
WhiteDeep Red, Brown, Pink, Nudes, Peach
PurpleNude Colors
GoldenPeach, Pink, Nude shades

For Red Outfits:

Red.. The color of love. Red color have varieties of shades. But the dark red outfit with dark lipstick will revamp your look and make you facilely stylish. The lips coated with dark red lipstick steal everyone’s sight. You can also opt nude shades for your red color outfits but that nude shade should be darker than your skin tone. Skin tone also matter with choosing matching lipstick for your outfit.

For Black Outfits:

Black is the universal color as it can be easily obtainable from everyone’s wardrobe. Any lipstick shade can be easily pair up with black outfit. But for bold and classy look go for deep colors like plum or hot pink. But deep red color lipstick gives the flawless look for your party. Black is a neutral color, so you can opt any dark or nude color shade.

For Green Outfits:

Green color is also having varieties of shades and it is uncommon color to wear. Depending upon the shade of your outfit you can choose the color of your lipstick. But in general you can go for nude colors of lipsticks for the outfit. You can opt corals, pink shades, peachy colors, strawberry red color lipstick with green outfits.

For Blue Outfits:

Are you looking for lipsticks for blue dress? Well, suggesting you the best shade of lipstick for blue outfits is shades of pink, orange or peachy colors. As we know that blue is the primary color. But you can’t out similar primary color of lipstick with blue outfit. As it will be bad choice of yours. But that also depends upon the shade of color. Navy blue color lipstick will give stunning look.

For Yellow Outfits:

With yellow color, you can easily faith with closed eyes for dark red color lipstick. Not sure??? Just try it. As you know that yellow is vibrant color, so pair equally bold color with it like browns, maroons, etc. With yellow outfits, the brown and nude color lipstick will give you cohesive look. But if you want to look bold and stunning, than opt for dark red or marron color shade.

For White Outfits:

Everyone is having variety of white color outfits in their wardrobe. So, you will get more chance to play with the lipstick for your white outfits. Any shade of lipstick will easily pair up with white outfits. But you can go for deep red color to bring out attraction of people. Other than red, you can also go for brown, pink, nudes, peach, etc. In summer, you can blend with bright orange color to catch the eyes of the crowd.

For Purple Outfits:

Purple dresses are little bit hard to pair with any lipstick. I recommend only nude colors with it. You might feel weird with the combination of red lipstick with purple color. Here you are wrong. Right thing is red and pink color lipstick will look adorable with purple dress. So, prove yourself wrong and try the lovely combination.

For Golden Outfits:

To match lipstick color with golden outfits is quite difficult. Because at some level it depends upon your facial makeup. Lighter lipstick shade for darker eye make-up and vice versa. For example, if you are choosing bronze color for your eyeshadow, then it will be wise to choose darker shade for the lipstick. The lipstick shade that suits on golden outfits are peach, pink, nude shades, etc.

Before trying all lipstick shades with your outfits, remember that makeup is an art. And but obvious, it will diverge from person to person. If you are thinking about any shade that will look good, just go for it and try it. Find the shades of the color that will match your skin tone and experiment it.

Among all of this, please don’t forget to moisturize your lips. If you don’t do so, you might fail to draw the attention of people. If you have any ideas, then write us for beauty. We are accepting new ideas and thoughts.