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Black Lipstick

Lipstick is something that completely electrifies your look. It adds a thick layer of confidence to your personality. The darker, the shade of your lipstick, the bolder you feel! Till now red has been the quintessential colour for everyone, it makes you walk with confident strides and heads held high. But, now it’s time to go even bolder and darker, with the new wow- The black lipstick!

Why black?

Black is known to be the colour of secrets and mysteries. It symbolizes power and control. It’s high time that females should realise their worth, and predominantly go bold and beautiful. Black lipsticks add an edgy rebel to your personality, it makes you the rule-maker.No matter its a Halloween party, Wedding ceremony, Red-Carpet. You can fill the atmosphere with your boldness and style.

Be careful while working with these dark and bold lip colors.Make sure that you coat your lips evenly to give a clear and perfect look! Always go for smudge-free and top brand products,as you can’t afford to get your lip colour smudged.Outline the lips with a thin pointed brush or a lip-liner. This trick helps in getting the perfect lip shape and the correct edge.