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8 Stylish Ways to Wear a Bralette


​Bralettes are not the newest fashion trend – it’s been one of the most common go-to fashion pieces for a while now. With its charming appeal and delicate quality, it’s especially an ideal piece for the summer. As you wear yours, make sure it’s styled with your own touches and personality popping out. If you’re blanking on cute ways to wear bralettes, we’ve put together 8 stylish ideas for you to look to:

1. As a TopIn the hot weather, the only thing you might prefer to wear is a bikini. However, outside of the beach or a pool, it isn’t the most appropriate attire. The next thing you have is a bralette.

You can wear on its own without garnering deathly and judgmental stares from people. Pair it with cardigans or kimonos and high-waisted bottoms to balance out the proportions of your outfit.

2. Underneath Shirts and Blouses Mesh and other sheer textiles are some of the best ways to showcase a cute bralette underneath while also providing a little extra coverage. It also doesn’t get in the way of airflow as the light materials still allow much air circulation throughout your body.

If you still a little concerned about being that audacious, have a portion of it peeking from tank tops with open sides, button-down shirts that are not buttoned all the way up, or loose and cozy sweaters.

3. With a Maxi Skirt Even though they’re technically lingerie, bralettes have a way about them that sets them apart from other types of bras. They’re not skimpy or flashy. Just as they’re ideal for casual settings, you can turn them into a slightly more formal look with maxi skirts and long dresses for special occasions and important dates.

Think of it like you’re mixing and matching your occasions – party on top and business with a maxi skirt.

4. Open-Back Tops and Dresses Bralettes have different features that you can utilize. As in the aforementioned styles, some have lacy edges that can pop out from underneath tops.

Strappy ones, on the other hand, are made to look wonderful specifically for blouses and dresses with open or low backs. The straps appeal to the understated look of a bralette and accent an open-backed top or dress.

5. With Bomber or Over sized Jackets Sporty is another fashion trend that’s currently on the rise. It exudes casual chic while also allowing you to look dressed up a little more nicely.
Since some of the most well-loved sporty pieces are oversized or loose, bralettes will go well with track pants and bomber jackets.

6. Paired With Leather Most bralettes are made with lace, silk, mesh, and other soft and delicate fabrics. This is why leather would look good paired with it to counter the femininity and add a little bit of edginess.

Leather provides a wonderful balance. You have the rough, rugged appeal of the leather combined up against the feminine, soft feel of a braelette. If you’re someone who likes to mix and match an edgy style, this is a great match.

7. In Place of Shirts Inside Matching Suits Whether you’re the boss at the top or an office fashionista, there’s no reason not to incorporate the charm of bralettes into your work attires. Be careful to work within the confines of your specific setting, but know that a bralette can be a wonderful addition to work attire. 

Set an example for what business casual could be when you replace generic work shirts with bralettes inside your matching blazer-and-trouser suits.

8. Layered Over Tops While most of these styling ideas involve bralettes being the base of an outfit, layering them over tops is not an absurd look nowadays. It’s even encouraged as it’s not such a usual style. You’re only bound to stand out. This is applicable for regular tees and button-down shirts.

This time of year, the weather allows a wide range of outfit possibilities. Whether you’re out in the sun or stranded indoors with the AC on full blast, bralettes can be a solution to the heat or a way to spruce up an outfit. Take these ideas for wearing your bralette and incorporate your own twist for an outfit that embodies your style.