Tips to Choose the Finest Bridal Jewellery - Guest post

5 Tips to Choose the Finest Bridal Jewellery & Outshine your Personality

Bridal Jewellery
Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery is an essential part of every bride’s ensemble and trousseau. Now, that you have found the dress of your dreams, perfect hairstyle, location and whatnot, it’s time to add final touches and accessorize your wedding gown or lehenga with shimmering pieces of gems.

Are you mesmerized with Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s multi-layered jewellery with uncut diamonds, emeralds and Japanese cultured pearls in 22-karat gold?

On my marriage, I wanted to wear big gold choker necklace adorned with chandbali earrings, nose ring and red, white and gold bangles and kada- just like actor Deepika Padukone. Fortunately, I ended up wearing a timeless 18 kt yellow gold necklace with diamonds since I agreed to marry a Christian.
Believe me, selecting your wedding jewellery is not an easy-peasy task. You need a little guidance to choose exquisite pieces of jewellery that will make you look radiant and refined.

Before I head down to some tips in choosing the right wedding jewellery, let me tell you one thing:

“Simplicity will give you the right elegance to appear without overdoing.”

 Scroll down for some useful tips.

Five tips for choosing the best bridal jewellery that will add elegance to your look

Stick to just one mantra ‘Less is More’

The golden rule is ‘Never overdo’. It may be tempting to load up on baubles and bling, but make sure that your jewellery doesn’t outshine you. I believe bold makeup or too many jewellery can ruin your look. Choose a minimalist approach and stick to a few accessories rather than adorning every part of your body.

Learn styling tips from actress Anushka Sharma who opted for handcrafted jewellery made from uncut diamonds, pale pink spinel and Japanese cultural pearls that matched well with her wedding attire.

Pair your jewellery with the dress’s neckline.

All your jewellery must match with your wedding lehenga. The neckline of your wedding dress helps in framing your face. I learned this the hard way, but avoid wearing a neckpiece with a higher neckline. Necklaces go well with wedding dresses having strapless or V-necklines. Choose long, hanging earrings to complete the look.

Sweetheart or strapless neckline: Wear a choker or shorter necklace. Or else, ditch the necklace with statement chandelier earrings and make a bun with fresh flowers.

You need to understand that your décolletage is the focal point, and you need to enhance it with standout pieces. Extra add-ons include a bracelet, cocktail ring, bangle, etc. Actress Bipasha Basu Singh Grover donned her wedding attire look.

V-shaped neckline: Choose a choker or a pendant. Pair it with delicate earrings, something that is small, subtle and dangling to lift your messy bun.

Halter or reverse halter: Here, you need to focus more on accessorising your hair with combs, vines, pins, bejewelled or floral decorations would go well. You can even go retro style with an elegantly embellished birdcage veil, bracelet, studs and cocktail rings.

Let your jewellery match with the colour of the gown.

Depending on the colour of your gown, think hard on how to match your metals perfectly.

A white gown looks pretty with almost everything- gold, diamond, platinum, silver all goes well!

An ivory gown will look great with gold jewellery to highlight the creamy tones in the ivory.

A champagne gown blends well with yellow gold jewellery and will add a touch of personality and royalty to it. You can also opt for vintage jewellery pieces to emanate the golden hues of your wedding dress.

For blush wedding gown, select rose gold metals that match your skin tone and complement your feminine look.

Watch out for the sleeves.

The bridal bracelet should be purchased considering the sleeves of your dress. It’s obvious that long sleeve dresses and bracelets make a terrible pair. If you still want to go for bracelets, then choose short sleeve dresses that look simple yet glamorous.

While choosing one, make sure your dress steals the spotlight and not your glittery bracelet. A subtle-looking bracelet will bring charm to your attire.

Kindly note: Your bridal bracelet should be worn on the right wrist.

Bedeck your hair

Timeless tiaras, luminous clasps and headbands studded with crystals and floral decorations are the latest trend. Whether you have long or short hair, a piece of hair jewellery can embellish your bridal look.

Choose accessories depending on the colour and texture of your hair and the size of your face. You have loads of options like bridal crowns, tiaras, hair combs, hair flowers, hair vines, pins, clips and more to choose for your wedding.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different looks by changing the position of the accessory. I made a mistake and bought some beautiful hair jewellery, but it all went for a toss since I never thought of the hairstyle. Sounds insane? That’s what happens to every bride!

It is obvious to get confused, looking at varied hairstyles on the Internet, choose something that compliments your personality and makes you feel good about yourself.

 Be Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F!! 

Embrace yourself on your wedding day and dress up well to enjoy the most memorable and extraordinary day of your life. If you are happy wearing studs and love the comfort of your sneakers, then go for it!

It’s Y-O-U-R day! Choose accessories and styles that make you feel confident rather than uncomfortable.

Author Bio:

 Khushboo Shah is an avid jewellery designer and a fashion consultant at She is also an enthusiastic reader and an animal lover. She has been writing on jewellery for a decade.