Casual Fashion Tips for Women - Indian Style Stealer Guest Post

Casual Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion was actually started taken seriously in India after some years of economic liberalization. Till then it was only about the basic need. Space for fashion and style does not exist, for the middle class-strata. After that various premium international brands like Christian Dior & D&G came to India. Also a little less pricey ones like Adidas, Puma and Levi’s came to the scenario. 

What we want to say is that, in this rat race of western imitation, Indian traditional clothing like Salwar Kameez and Kurtis are still very much in fashion. We have still not completely forgotten our roots and are somewhere connected to our desi culture deep down. In this article, we will provide some important tips about how to embrace desi fashion in a smart manner:

Salwar, Kameez, Kurtis and Sarees are most common ethnic outfits for women.
First of all, it is very important that you understand, what type of ethnic wear suits your body type. There are separate outfits which matches well with heavy and average bodies.

Heavy Body Dresses :

  • If you wear saris made of fine silk and crepes it makes you look much skinny as compared to heavily worked silk saris. If your Saree is bordered quite delicately and evenly then it may also help you to look much thinner then actually you are.
  • High heels are inseparable from Indian ethnic wear like salwar and kurtis. They make you look less fatty as well as long and tall.
  • Long Chain pendants and long shaped earrings goes very well with Indian ethnic outfits and also help you to look much slimmer than what you really are. 
  • If the outfit is of single color throughout, then it will help you to look lighter than your original weight.

    Average / Slim Body Dresses : ​
  • There are no particular rules for the perfectly fit person. They can wear whatever their heart desires, including kurtis and sarees suitable for heavier body types. They can also wear tight fitting clothes, without the fear of looking tacky.
  • You can wear almost any outfit including heavily embroidered bandhej sarees and designer mirror-worked kurtis. With the advent of e-commerce, you can also shop some of the best looking casual kurtis online, at reasonable prices.
  • Kurtis look fabulous if they are a little loose on your body structure. 

Indian ethnic wear can actually enhance your style statement tremendously. If you just follow your heart, with a little bit of follow-up of all the above techniques, it is no doubt that everyone will be simple impressed with your dressing sense.