A Mans Guide to Casual Vs Formal Wear Swap - Guest Post

A Mans Guide to Casual Vs Formal Wear Swap

Casual Vs Formal
Casual Vs Formal

Author Bio: Guest Post Men Fashion By Moz is an innovative Content Writer who has years of experience in content writing and love to write about latest fashion trends. He also works as a freelance content writer for JodhpurTailors – a stop solution for Mens Tailored Suits. In his spare time, Moz loves to try hands on cooking and experimenting on new looks.
Fashion has always been associated with women majorly but now men are also becoming style conscious and hence today, we are going to focus on the trends in menswear so that you my dear men out there can also look as dashing and dapper as ever.
Well, it is quite a common notion that men feel most comfortable in casuals and they prefer to be dressed in casuals any day, be it for office or a date. However, you have to wear formals at work and that is something which you just cannot deny. So, how will you mix match your casuals with the formals at office so that you can be comfortable in what you wearing without having to break out of the dress code which you are supposed to follow? 
Well, take inspiration from your style icons who wear formals at various casual events too and trust us they look really smart in those attires. In fact, you can sometimes use your casual wears in your formal look also.
You wear those brown ankle high boots with a dark patchy denims and light colored V-neck T-shirt and it would look perfect for a casual outing, but do you know you can use the same ankle boots as a part of your formal wear if you just play it a bit smartly? Just make sure that your pants are a bit lengthy so that they cover your boots length properly and you are good to go. And, to ensure that people pay less attention to your footwear, wear an attractive tie because that would divert all the attention of the onlookers.
While choosing your formals and casuals also, you would find certain elements to be common so you can apply the same tricks while shopping for your clothes.
To begin with, the collar of both your formal shirts and casual T-shirts should be snugging around the neck. And you must be aware about the two-fingers test by now. Just put two fingers between the shirt collar and your neck and the space between the two should just be that much. When it comes to shoulder seams then also, you have to be sure that they are aligned perfectly to end of the shoulders.
Yes! It is the era of fusions. You can perfectly carry a formal look by pairing up a collared shirt with black denims. Just make sure your denims are a bit lose. However, all you have to do is that while choosing a combination of your top wear and bottom wear, just go with the golden rule of being contrasting and you would never go wrong.
A more reliable way to ensure that you have your casual and formal suits stitched in a manner that fits your requirements so that it will be convenient to swap them also, is by getting them tailor made. And while you have online portals that provide you the facility to have custom suits made without having to visit the tailor frequently, you don’t really have a reason that why would you choose off-the-shelf clothes over the custom stitched. 
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