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If you have a beautiful formal dress but the neck pattern is very low cut and your cleavage is being exposed then you can use a cleavage cover up. This is an easy to sew DIY and is a very quick solution for your problem.

Many women avoid garments that expose too much cleavage or wear additional garments, such as camisoles or t-shirts between their bra and the outer garment. However, these solutions can be expensive and uncomfortable.

1. Wrap Dresses

Whether you wear a wrap dress for work or on date night, this dress type can be both versatile and flattering. However, if the neckline is too low, it can expose more than you want it to and can be uncomfortable.

Fortunately, you can cover up your cleavage with a simple DIY project. Find a piece of cleavage cover in a color that will blend in with your dress and stitch it to the neckline. You can use a sewing machine or sew it by hand. Adding a piece of fabric to the neckline will help keep it from falling and will also give you added coverage without feeling bulky or too tight.

Many wrap dresses have a gaping hole at the front of the garment due to their design. This may occur at the bustline, where the dress’s neckline sits low and opens up into a V-gap, or with a skirt that has a higher gap on the thigh than most women are comfortable with.

Some women choose to sew a hook and eye or snap into the neckline to avoid showing too much cleavage. Instead, you can try to pin the two sides of the dress together above your chest to prevent the gaping. Two-sided dressing tape will probably work best because it won’t show through.

2. Dresses with Plunging Necklines

A dress with a plunging neckline is sexy, elegant and flattering for all types of body shapes. It draws attention to the face, elongates the shoulders and is ideal for formal occasions, depending on the style and length of the dress. But if you’re not comfortable showing your cleavage, there are plenty of ways to keep it hidden. You can wear a fitted jacket over your dress, a shawl or scarf, or you can simply use double-stick tape to hold the neckline in place.

Another popular option is to wear a camisole underneath your dress. This is particularly easy to do if your dress has a front zip or an open back. However, this can be a bit casual and may not make you look as polished as other options. You can also use a strapless bra with a deep V neckline to cover up your cleavage. This can be either a lace or solid bandeau, and you can even get one that’s designed specifically to fit under low cut dresses or tops.

Many women who wear a low-cut dress without a bra do so because they’re afraid of having their boobs slip out. If this is a concern for you, try using nipple petals or pasties. They’re a great solution to keep your breasts in place and they add a nice touch of modesty to any dress, skirt or shirt.

3. Halter Necklines

Dresses with halter necklines are the perfect choice for a day out in warm weather. The straps or fabric that fasten around the neck expose the shoulders and upper back, so a halter-necked garment should have an attractive and feminine structure. This type of neckline is particularly flattering for pear shaped women and also helps to balance narrow shoulders. A halter neck with overly pronounced rounded shapes might amplify a big bust, so choose a design that is more angular.

Halter neckline dresses are perfect for a casual occasion and can be dressed up with the right accessories. Delicate bracelets and stacked bracelets can add a glam touch to this style of dress, while a cinch belt can create definition in the waist. Adding a pair of heels can elevate this look to a more sophisticated level, especially if you opt for a wedge or stiletto heel.

There are many styles of halter neck dresses to choose from, and you can even find designs with keyhole necklines. These types of necklines feature a small, oval-shaped hole in the front center of the neckline that offers a peek-a-boo opening and shows some skin. If you’re a bit more daring, try a halter neckline with a plunging neckline or a cowl neck plunge to show off some cleavage. If you’re looking for a more casual look, you can try a dress with a lace halter neckline that has a decorative front panel or adornment.

4. Cocktail Dresses

If you’re looking for a way to cover up your cleavage with something that’s more sophisticated than a bralette or lace bandeau, you should consider this cocktail dress. The ruched detail in metallic is very on trend right now and gives the dress some extra oomph. Pair this with strappy gold heels and big Hollywood curls, and you’ll have a look that’s sure to turn heads at your next party or event.

Cocktail dresses are generally more formal than sundresses or even evening gowns, and they’re often shorter in length. They can feature a range of different embellishments and details, including beaded lace overlays. They can also be worn with a variety of elegant accessories, including pearls or diamond earrings.

When it comes to deciding what to wear to a cocktail party, remember that it should be fun, but still tasteful. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether you would feel comfortable wearing the same outfit at a family gathering.

If you have a dress with a plunging neckline but don’t want to show off your cleavage, you can use double-sided fashion tape to add a modesty panel that will keep the fabric in place. This is a quick and easy fix that will prevent your bra from showing under your dress, so you can enjoy the party without worrying about your outfit revealing anything too much.