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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cloth Face Mask

cloth face masks

If wearing a mask can protect you and your loved ones from getting infections, then what is wrong with making it a regular practice?

Here is another crucial fact. Some people wear mask day long but make adjustments in between. Yes, the biggest mistake one can do while the mask is on. So wearing a mask itself cannot help. Always ensure that the mask is comfortable for the wearer so that he/ she make no adjustments with hands in between.

Are you still confused about the safety of Cloth face masks? Cloth masks can be beneficial to reduce the transmission of a virus, but only if it is used wisely. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind if you are a cloth mask wearer.

Cloth Face Masks

While putting on a mask


Remember to use a clean and dry mask. Before wearing the mask, one should clean his/ her hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. One can use strips or ear loops to put the mask on. The mask should cover the wearer’s nose and mouth completely.


Don’t wear uncomfortable masks. That may lead the wearer to touch his mask with hands continuously. Don’t wear the mask by holding the front surface.

While wearing the mask


Even if the person wears a mask, remember to maintain physical distance.


Half wearing a mask is not encouraged. Put it completely on. Wearing a mask inside- out is a wrong practice. Never use single-use masks for more than once.

While Removing the Mask       


Single-use masks must be disposed of in a closed dustbin after the use. Reusable masks should be washed properly. Washing it directly after the use is the best practice. Clean hands properly with soap and water or with alcohol-based sanitizer to avoid the spread of germs.


Don’t remove the mask by holding the front part. It may cause an easy spread of germs to the hands.

While Cleaning the Mask


Use hot water and detergent to clean the masks. Dry it thoroughly before the next use.


Storing a mask somewhere and reusing it without washing is an absolute wrong practice.

Always remember to use breathable materials like cotton or cotton blend to make the masks. Amid this COVID- 19 pandemics, a mask on face can be the best friend. It remembers not to touch face occasionally.

Even if one wears a mask, never think that he/ she is safe enough. Masks will prevent the transmission of germs from our bodies to others. Always keep the physical distance. It can be a grocery/ ration shop, Mask wearing and physical distancing is a must.

When common people use cloth masks, clinical masks can be provided to the Health workers. Donating Cloth masks while having excess is also a way to help our country.

Misinformation can spread much faster than a virus. It is a challenge to public health. Information from trusted sources is the necessity of the time. Let us face the virus and Cloth masks serve best.