Hottest Clothing Trends You Can't Miss In 2018! - Guest Post

Hottest Clothing Trends You Can’t Miss In 2018!

Clothing Trends In 2018
Clothing Trends In 2018

​ We’ve seen many different trends throughout the year that brings us a little bit of everything, going from the last seasons trends that we continue to carry, to great revivals and new trends that we haven’t seen before.
If you’re one of those “it girls” who loves to keep up with the latest fashion and you want to get the most out of these summer 2018 trends, then keep reading! We are going to show you a few of the hottest clothing trends that have been around the fashion world lately. Don’t forget to take notes, you will love the results.
Crazy For Logomania
Sending messages with our t-shirts has a fashion meaning that we haven’t seen in a long time, to take drawings of comics, maxi floral prints of oriental inspiration and very pop artsy illustrations, is something we have usually seen in fashion influencers for the past few months. We present you the logomania season.
The fashion for wearing clothes in which the brand is read is a trend this 2018. Hiding the brand may have been common a few years ago, but now is all about presuming and showing it in your t-shirts, accessories and handbags. Logos are the protagonists of this leading trend.
We encourage you to look for t-shirts with printed logos in your closet, but if you don’t have any and you don’t have much money to spend in expensive clothes, don’t panic! What’s amazing about this trend is that is totally vintage, so you can find your nearest thrift store and look for some good quality items for incredible prices! We are sure there will be a lot of vintage treasures that are waiting for you.
Transparency Clothes
Another one of this year’s ‘must’ will be the transparencies. You can find them in all their versions, from a sexy dress, a transparent shirt or even a transparent hand bag. If you find yourself a clothing piece with transparencies, you’ll be rocking 2018.
To give you an idea on how to achieve a perfect look with transparencies and not die in the process, here we are going to give you a few ideas. If you are using a transparent blouse, complement it with a t-shirt underneath, and if you are feeling a little more daring, opt for a beautiful bralette that will give you an extra stylish look. Always try to use the clothes you already own or visit your local thrift shop to help you achieve your dreamed look.
To end your outfit and let it be the protagonist, try to do a polished ponytail or iron your hair so it is completely straight. If you’re a lover of long and abundant hair, find a Malaysian hair weave that will give you the final look you want to achieve. You can find great deals for Malaysian hair bundles on the internet that will definitely complement your outfits.
Mix Your Patterns
This is the year to get crazy with all the different patterns your clothes have to offer. Lucky for us, is not longer a “wardrobe malfunction” if we combine dots and stripes, flowers and squares, or anything you can imagine. Everything is valid know!
Thanks to these incredible trend in 2018, now you can create many different outfits and let your creativeness flow. You can play with different colors and fabrics and you’ll be totally on trend for this summer.
Pay special attention to your accessories and hairstyle while using this trends. If you are going for a lot of different patterns in your outfit, opt for a simpler hairstyle. Remy hair extensions that make your hair look longer can be a hit in your look. Like Malaysian hair weave,  Peruvian virgin hair weave are found in many local stores as well as on the internet, so don’t forget to look for them and complete your trendy look.
Fanny Packs Are A Thing
Although we’ve seen these since a couple o years ago, they came back stronger in 2018. They are the most practical accessories to keep your belongings safe, and you can find them in many different colors to  combine them with your look.
Remember that you don’t need to have lots of money to keep up with fashion trends. All you need is creativeness, good luck on finding amazing deals in thrift shops and a good sense of fashion. Follow our tips and you’ll be your best stylish self.