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Conversation You Should Have with Your Wedding Planner Before Wedding

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

It’s time for wedding bells to ring in your life? Well, choosing a compatible partner is something that you would have to see for yourself, we might not be able to help you there. But, we can certainly help you with finding a well-suited wedding planner for you because they are the ones who are going to be there with you at each step of your big day’s preparations.

So, when you are calling up the wedding planners for an interview, you should be having a detailed conversation with them in order to be able to choose the best one for you. In fact, a good wedding planner would have many questions to ask you also as they would like to figure out your scope of imagination, budget, requirements, wishes, and level of maintenance.

Just remember! Whomever you choose, don’t go with somebody who is not open to listening to your ideas, tries to convince you about what they think is best, won’t sign an agreement, has no references to provide or just doesn’t seem to get along with your nature.

Keeping that in consideration, we have listed down some questions (and the answers you should watch out for) while you are having the first conversation with wedding planners.

  • Are They Available on Your Wedding Date?

There is just no point in going ahead with any conversation or planning if they are already booked for the date you are getting married. However, if you really wish for work with a particular wedding planner (whose work you have seen previously and really liked it) then you can discuss out the prospective options with them before finalizing on a date.

  • How Much Do Their Planned Weddings Cost on an Average?

You should know the price range they work in and if they have a minimum budget to figure out if that would work for you. And in case you don’t have a budget yet, this would help you figure out what your budget should be. Though it’s good with being a bit flexible with your budget, do not go way above your limit. You would always find plenty of more choices among good planners who would be willing to work within your budget.

  • What Kind of Services Do They Offer?

Do they offer full-time service designing or are they more of the day coordinators type who brings in other event organizers? And if they provide both, then what is their specialty? You need to be clear with what role your wedding planner would be planning in the entire process. Once you know how much help you are going to get from your planner, you would be able to decide how much of your involvement would be required at various steps.

These are the top 3 questions that you should be asking them before going ahead with the interview further. Whatever you ask them after this would just be expanding the understanding between you and the wedding planner. Just do not forget to ask them to provide you some portfolios and references of their past clients so that you can contact them to know about how their work turned out to be in the past.