Cool DIY Rave Outfit Tips Guest Post

Cool DIY Rave Outfit Tips

Cool DIY Rave Outfit Tips
Cool DIY Rave Outfit Tips

Going to a rave party is all about expressing yourself and looking cool while standing out from the crowd. It is time to get wild..! If you are looking forward to attend your first rave party and have no clue about how to dress up. Then you are at the right place.
This article tells you all about how to get dressed for a rave party.
Every rave outfit comprises of five components: Head, top, hands, bottom and footwear

Girls need to wear something vibrant, colorful and full of life. As these outfits are used for dancing, so needs to comfortable yet stylish. LED rave hoodies are the best accessory for a rave party. Glow in the dark face paints are also in trend these days. It is bound to gather compliments for you. Other headgear include rave glasses, fibre optic hair braids etc. For top wear, you can wear anything that is comfortable and merge that with rave accessories for a cool look. Rave hand gloves are the most talked about hand accessory as they look really cool at a rave party. Dancing with these LED gloves gives a mesmerising look that is dazzling. Leg warmers with neon colours are a hit amongst ravers. Rainbow fluffies are a must try as they look cool and are comfortable also. Footwear completes the look and need to be bright and catchy. Plasma rave sneakers look really funky and a must try.

Men need to look good and yet apt according to the theme. Surgical masks with LED are very common at rave parties. Other types of headgear can be glasses with LED and horns. The top needs to be comfortable and yet flashy. There are many options like funky tees, LED hoodies and jackets and LED ties. LED hand gloves boost your overall appearance. LED equipped rings can also be used in hands to grab attention. Bottom wear for rave parties can be of varying looks so there are a lot of options to choose from. Shoes give a finishing touch to the already funky outfit and can be selected from a variety of glow in the dark and LED equipped shoes.
Have a look at the following infographic shared by Rave Wonderland for more elaborate explanation.

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