Couples Matching Underwear - Guest Post

Couples Matching Underwear

Couples Matching Underwear
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If you and your partner are planning an outfit together, it’s fun to try to coordinate your matching underwear. However, not everyone enjoys the idea of wearing a complementary wardrobe. If your partner has very different taste in fashion, or if he or she doesn’t really like matching underwear, you might want to consider another option. Matching underwear can be a lot of fun for both of you, and the other person will never know that you’re wearing matching underwear.


For a couple who’s tired of thongs, boxers, and briefs, TomboyX is here to help. The company has a broad line of gender-neutral boxer briefs and underwear, and each pair is priced at $98. The briefs feature rainbow colors and are comfortable and flattering, and are a standard in the market. The matching underwear also has a soft bra, which eliminates the need for traditional bras and underwire.

The brand has a mission to give back to the LGBTQ community and has donated to various organizations. Founders Fran and Naomi have made a commitment to support local LGBTQ organizations. TomboyX’s ‘Rise Up’ line has donated to Planned Parenthood and Human Rights Campaign. The company has also donated proceeds from its next push to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The company’s social responsibility efforts have helped to make the brand a national brand.


The Allbirds Trino bralette is a versatile everyday bralette and can be paired with the coordinating Trino underwear. Both are made with the same ultra-soft blend of materials, which makes them the perfect companion for everyday wear. You can even wear them together as an underwear set. This pair will help you feel good about yourself while enjoying the same luxurious underwear. This set includes an underwire-free bralette and a pair of matching briefs.

Allbirds is dedicated to creating eco-friendly alternatives for all its wardrobe staples. The Trino material is a temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric made with eucalyptus and Merino wool. It uses 60% less energy than typical synthetics. Its Tencel fabric is breathable, soft, and made without harsh pesticides and fertilizer. It also uses 95% less water than traditional cotton.


Patagonia makes some of the most environmentally friendly outerwear around, and the company’s underwear is no exception. Many pieces are made from recycled nylon and wood pulp, and they’re also fair-trade certified. In addition, they’re a member of the 1% for the Planet alliance, which means that 1% of the company’s profits go toward preserving nature. The company is very transparent about its carbon footprint, and 87% of their underwear is made with ethically sourced materials.

These underpants feature MiDori bioSoft fabric, a durable odor control, and moisture-wicking properties. They’re also Fair Trade Certified(tm) sewn to keep your partners warm while keeping your body dry. Patagonia couples matching underwear is a stylish way to keep your sexy look while supporting a more environmentally responsible company. Whether you’re skiing, climbing, or hiking, Patagonia bottoms will help you enjoy the outdoors together.


If you and your partner have an appreciation for quirky, eccentric designs, you’ll love this Oddball couples matching underwear set. The vivid blue and pink design makes for an edgy and unique pair of underwear. The underwear is available in eight sizes, ships from the UK, and qualifies for free FedEx shipping on orders over $50. The tuxedo-style underwear is a unique addition to any couple’s nightwear collection.

Vintage underwear

Matching underwear is a wonderful gift for any couple, and a perfect choice for valentine’s day! Not only will these pairs of underwear look great, but they will also bring a little romance into the bedroom! These underwear sets are available in many different styles, colors, and sizes. If you’re not sure which pair to get, check out the following list of some of the most popular styles.

Oddball designs aren’t for the faint of heart – you’ll have to be daring to wear them. Oddball specializes in bold colors and prints, and its couples matching underwear set is no exception! With a vibrant blue and pink print and stretch cotton construction, these underwear sets are sure to please. The pair is available in eight different sizes, and since they ship from the UK, they qualify for free FedEx shipping for orders over $50.