Eight Denim Staples Your Closet Should Have to be Guest Post

Eight Denim Staples Your Closet Should Have to be Fashion-Ready

Denim Staples
Denim Staples

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“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style” –Ritu Kumar
Levis, Wrangler, Wholesale Dnine Reserve—these are just some of the brands that have helped shape the definition of casual in the fashion world today. Casual in a sense that everyone should possess it in their closets for off days and lazy days.
And if there is a sartorial item that should be in everyone’s wardrobe, without a doubt, it would be anything in denim—whether they would be jeans, a jacket, a pair of shorts or even a skirt. 
​This is that one classic staple that has transcended the test of time and according to style pundits, there is no other fabric more versatile than denim. This is that one fashion must-have that epitomizes casual and laidback style and looks appropriate regardless of the season.  However, if you truly are a self-respecting fashionista, there are essential denim sartorial articles one should possess to be fashion-ready that would be wearable all year round. Take a gander at the clothing items enumerated below and see if your wardrobe is indeed complete.
1.)    Cropped Jeans
Long before cropped pants were considered stylish, they were likened to pants you have outgrown as a kid when you get a little taller. However, a pair of cropped jeans is considered the height of laid-back fashion today that it is a must for every woman’s closet. It is sexy to be baring a little ankle after all and skinny cropped pants and culottes that hit just a few inches below the knee would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

2. Overalls
Once upon a time denim overalls were all the rage in children’s parties and playgrounds as every tot would be sporting them. Today, the denim overalls association with adolescence and naiveté no longer hold true. In fact, denim overalls have recently been making waves in the fashion world today as they have been given a modern overhaul making it perfect for women of all ages. It’s playful and comfy vibe would make any woman look incredibly youthful. 

3.)    Chambray shirt
Any self-proclaimed fashionista who does not possess a chambray shirt in her closet should be castigated. It is a well-known fact that this denim piece is incredibly versatile as it can function either as an ordinary top or as a makeshift cardigan for when you get cold. There are so many ways you can wear this top and when it comes to wardrobe pairings, consider your chambray shirt as a neutral.

​4.)    Denim Dress or Tunic
Give laidback and casual fashion a bit of flair and panache by giving denim a bit of a girly factor such as sporting it as a dress or a tunic.  A denim dress or tunic does not only exemplify comfort and style, but it is an incredibly chic number for both summer and winter—depending on how you dress it up. This is one denim staple that should be a mainstay in every girl’s closet. 

​5.)    Skinny Jeans
Without a doubt, the skinny jeans should definitely be at the top of every woman’s priority list when it comes to shopping for denim numbers. In fact, if you do not already have one, you should and maybe get at least a couple more as they are the perfect denim staple that could be worn in so many ways. With the right kind of skinny jeans, you can go for a chic, laid back, corporate and even glammed up look—all you would need to do is appropriately mix and match it with different articles of clothing. 

6.)    A pair of shorts

There is no other clothing perfect for the scorching heat in the summer than a pair of denim shorts. Additionally, this denim staple is the perfect way to show off your gorgeous and shapely legs. Pair it with sneakers and a plain white tee for a casual look or a bohemian top and a pair of statement heels for an elegant and chic look.

7.)    Denim Jacket

Just like the denim staples stated above, the denim jacket is a must in every woman’s closet as this versatile piece can be worn in a variety of ways and can be paired with literally anything. The addition of a denim jacket would immediately give any ensemble a laidback and casual vibe, but it can also be dressed up. If you are wearing your jacket with skirts and dresses, opt for a cropped denim jacket as it would raise your waist and elongate your legs. Additionally, it is incredibly fashionable as well.

8.)    Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

If you feel like taking a break from wearing your favorite pair of skinny jeans, give your legs a breather by considering a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans as an alternative. This denim staple exudes comfort and casualness and would be perfect for lazy days wherein you just do not feel like dressing up. Complete the look with an oversized shirt or a graphic tee paired off with your favorite sneakers.