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How to Design an Unforgettable Aisle

Design an Unforgettable Aisle
Design an Unforgettable Aisle

​Wedding decorations take up a lot of time and yet, people miss out on certain things irrespective of the early planning. To be fair, it is actually pretty normal. There are times when you miss out on certain things that may have enhanced the way your wedding is decorated. However, this can be largely avoided if you focus on the primary parts the most. 

​Among these primary decorations comes the aisle, which is the most important part of the wedding. A million memories are created when the bride and the groom walk down the aisle to take their vows. The aisle is also the central attraction of the wedding venue. Thus, making an unforgettable aisle would definitely make up for the small details if you miss out on them. The aisle is usually prepared according to the theme used in the decoration. But you can customise it according to your choice since it can stand out as an independent decoration. There is a long list of designs to make the aisle look stunning. To name a few would be –

  1. Glitter aisle runner –

A truly magical decoration idea that would not only make the couple happy but the guests amazed as well. This decoration design is inspired from the fairy tale theme that has all the glitter associated decorations. Needless to say, this design is supposed to be flashy and full of colours. The aisle runner can have small glitter smudged pillars to cover the runner. You can also use a contrast of glitters on the platform to make it look even more vibrant. There are a lot of different ideas to explore on styling aisle runners with glitter that you should check out.
Get yourself the best options for glitter aisle runners to have a wide range of choices.

  1. Copper Lighted Aisle –

This is yet another creative aisle for the wedding that adds to the entire decoration. The copper wires are thin and take very little effort to arrange and the lights add up for the beautiful finish. The choice of lighting matters the most here since it can change the look entirely. You can go for single golden lights for a vintage theme or go for single white lights for a modern theme. This aisle design is great for weddings that are organised indoor where lighting would be prominently visible.

  1. Beach themed aisle –

The beach theme is quite popular among the weddings these days. This is mostly because of the casual and fun-loving environment it creates. An aisle that would complement the theme is a plus point but a beach themed aisle can stand off independent as well. It is not only beautiful but also very feasible to arrange and decorate. It includes some fine sand, little shells for decorative and coral stones to add charm. The platform can be of sand which makes the entire look and feel of the wedding very happening.

  1. White pillars runner –

Imagine walking down for your wedding like the Royals, amazing is not it? This aisle design is quite popular in the royal-themed wedding decoration. It can also be carried out if you have a large space at your wedding venue. This aisle runner looks absolutely stunning in an open area where the bride walks down between the white pillars. You can easily get the props to make this happen without any hassle. You can also use white translucent sheets to join the pillars and have a complete look. These white sheets may also cover the roof of the aisle making it a stunning runner for the bride and the guests.

  1. Flowers are always great –

Using flowers has always been amazing at the weddings. Most of the wedding decorations include flowers and aisles are not far behind either. This design is completely dedicated to flowers and hence, the choice of flowers makes a lot of difference. To begin with the basics, you can go with an all rose design that not only makes the whole venue vibrant but also symbolises love. You can use artificial roses along with real ones if you need them to stay for a longer period. The design can also be comprised of the favourite flowers of the bride and groom. Lastly, it can also be of the assorted colour of flowers depending upon the decoration.
Most of the aisle designs need props. You can explore more about the available props and make use of them to create even better aisle designs which would be unforgettable.
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