Total Cost of a Destination Wedding in Jaipur - Guest Post

Total Cost of a Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding

Guest Post By: Priyanshu Garg is a Founder of P5Creations – A Wedding Management Company in Jaipur. He is  Listed Top Wedding planner in Jaipur India. P5 Creations, Jaipur based Wedding Planners, Organizers & Theme Decorators Company. Offer all kind of Wedding Services.
Destination weddings have been in trend from quite a few time now and thanks to the Bollywood movies promoting the concept, almost every couple dreams of having their wedding organized at an exotic and romantic location. And why not? It gives the couple and their guests an opportunity to explore a new location and spend some quality fun time together.

Jaipur is one royal place which can truly make you feel like the prince and princess. Being a land of so many beautiful venues, you can have your lavish wedding in your favorite palace just like the way you dream your big day to be. But, of course is going to cost a bit too. But how much exactly will be effect your bank balance if you decide to host a wedding in the Pink City?
Well, the cost varies primarily on the fact that what kind of location are you actually looking to book? Is it some palatial palaces that you see in movies or have seen online and it has fancied you ever since? Or is it some high end resort and hotel that probably hold the ethnic touch while providing all the modern amenities to you and your guests?
We have prepared a basic outline for you to provide you a fair idea of how much the wedding in the capital city of Rajasthan will cost you.
A Fairytale-like Palace Wedding
The palatial locations have been the most loved and premium choices for weddings. Though there are too many to name, the one thing you would have to keep in mind is that these palaces do not provide any kind of accommodation. They are just available to be hired for holding festivities. Typically, the packages that they offer include venue cost along with meals and some basic decors.
The top venues which are known to hold most of the celebrity weddings charge Rs. 10000-120000 per person, provided that the organizers are committed a minimum number of guests to be attending the wedding.
However, there are economical options available also where per person charges would vary anywhere from Rs. 2000-4500. But remember, that the other costs like flower decorations, music, lightning system, transportation and entertainment are not included in these package prices.
Stay like a King
If you have a good budget for your wedding and you are actually looking to feel royal in every manner, then you may opt for staying in palatial houses or you can go for top notch hotels where per night stay in a single room would cost you around Rs. 30000-35000. Or, if you guests are comfortable, you can hire larger rooms where everyone can accommodate at the same place, which also implies having more fun. These rooms generally cost anywhere between Rs. 8000 to 15000 per night.
Final Thoughts…
No matter how much a palace costs, you would certainly need somebody to beautify everything for you and make the arrangements when there are so many people to manage so that you can get your lavish wedding without any hindrance. The simple solution for the same is to hire a Wedding Planner. Right from designing the set for your event and looking up at the catering to helping you out with your dresses and making sure that your guests are comfortable at every moment, a wedding planner would certainly turn out to be the most important person on your big day. 

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