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Does Hair Dye Expire?

Colouring your hair for style is the new cool nowadays. It gives optimistic energy to personality and vibrance to your lifestyle. You can always flaunt a spicy shade in front of your peers and family. But, you must always keep a few things in mind, such as the quality of the product, the sensitivity of your scalp, and most importantly, the expiry date of your hair dye.

How to Determine Whether your Hair Dye is Expired or Not?

To ensure that your Hair Dye is fine, there are a few checks:

Any liquid on Dye: Remove the top lid, and seek for any liquid deposited on top. In case you notice, any colourless liquid at the upper layer, this indicates that the dye is expired as the chemicals are now separated.

Odour Check: If the odour is unpleasant or pungent, your dye is expired.

Lumps on the container: If you notice any heaps, groovings or bumps in the container. This indicates oxidation due to intruded air.

Package lid or cap test: If the lid or cap gets loosened or exposed to air, you might notice some orange or yellow colour around the lid. This is unwanted.

Shade test: In case your hair colour is expired, you might notice that the shade has become lighter than you desire. Mix it well, before concluding.