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12 Essentials for Perfect Dream Wedding!

Dream Wedding
Dream Wedding

​Planning for a wedding ceremony is very exciting and enjoyable, but at the same time can be stressful as well. So, once the date is finalized it becomes important that you should start preparing for each and every ritual, in advance. This will help you in saving your time and on the other hand, everything can be carried out with ease.
There are many things to consider while planning for a perfect dream wedding in Jaipur. But, if you are the one to look after everything then you must take help of wedding planners as they will reduce the burden from your shoulders. With them, you need not to worry because they will handle everything perfectly leaving you surprised for sure. So, overall with them, you can enjoy the wedding without any stress. 

From finding a perfect honeymoon destination to a unique wedding dress and many more things which you cannot afford to miss; the wedding planners do it all for you as these are the limelight of any wedding ceremony and brings a big smile on the face of bride and groom. Along with this, listed below are some other essentials to consider if you want a perfect dream wedding – 

  1. Budget

Before starting with any wedding preparations, it is must to decide budget in advance. You should deal with this properly and even discuss with your fiancée. Budget is the first and foremost thing to consider as this is going to save your lot of time. In fact, you should leave some room for other expenses as many of them are unforeseen. If you will follow and stick to your wedding budget then things are going to become hundred times easier for you.

  1. Wedding Theme

Once you have worked out and planned everything such as deciding hotels etc. then it’s time to finalize the wedding theme. This is the most crucial aspects of any wedding that you should not compromise with. There are so many wedding themes that you can choose among and it involves a number of things including décor, wedding dress and a lot more.

  1. Music

If your plan is to have live music performance on your big day then without thinking much you should hire a band or classical musicians; whatever you like. They will make your wedding day more special and memorable that you and your guests are not going to forget. In fact, you can even take help of friends if any one of them sings professionally or love playing guitar.

  1. Wedding Dress

Deciding wedding dress is something that you cannot afford to miss at all. After all, it’s your special day and you have the right to look best. Investing quality time in the selection of wedding dress will definitely work out and make you look just flawless. Although, a lot of options are available in the market and online as well but you should consider wedding theme while choosing a dress.

  1. Finding a Right Venue

 If you want everything to be carried out as per planning then finding right venue is pivotal. You should consider venue as per decided budget and most importantly a number of guests you are inviting. Wedding Lawns are one of the best options if you want to have outdoor or fairytale wedding as lawns are very spacious and stalls can be organized properly.

  1. Hiring Professional Caterers

Food is something that will make you either fail or make your wedding, a blast! If you want guests to remember your wedding then food has to be just perfect. For this, you should always hire professional caterers as they know multiple cuisines, recipes, drinks, desserts and many more that will make your wedding party best party of town. You can prefer having BBQ menu or even go for fig caterer who is specialized in preparing snacks and other tasty dishes.

  1. Contact Photographer

No wedding is complete without photography and for capturing the best moments no one is better than professional wedding photographers. They will click best photographs that you will cherish throughout your life. They have professional knowledge and exactly know from which angel the shot should be taken.

  1. Inviting the Right Number of People

 Deciding number of guests is also an essential point to keep in mind. If you want to keep your party private then one must prefer inviting close friends and relatives only and for sharing your happiness or you can also plan a big wedding reception thereafter.

  1. Decoration

Décor is something that completely depends on wedding theme and for this, you must take help of event companies. They have so many things, plans and decorative ideas that will add five stars to your wedding party. Since they hold expertise so you need not have to take stress at all. In case, if you have any special request then must share with them so that they can work on it and deliver their clients best result.

  1. Deciding Menu Cards

Wedding menu cards are designed especially for complimenting other wedding stationery and are coordinated with signature colors for making it more appealing and unique. In fact, it can make a table look more stylish. There are several designs available in a market that you can go with and choose one that’s matching with your wedding theme.

  1. Religious Ceremony Plan

If you are planning to have a religious ceremony along with modern reception, then you must plan everything accordingly. One has to coordinate with time and make sure that all the rituals are completed timely. While on the other hand, bride and groom should decide their dresses according to the venue as of it are church or temple. In fact, brides must discuss about their makeup and hairstyle at beauty parlors so that makeup artists can keep everything ready and make you look traditional bride.

  1. Planning for a Honeymoon

After taking the vows, it’s time to leave for your dream honeymoon as it is the best way to reduce your stress and spend some quality time with your spouse. Planning for a honeymoon before the wedding will save a lot of time and money plus you will get enough time to do packing and unwrapping the gifts.
If you really want to enjoy your wedding rituals and ceremonies, then mentioned above are some of the essential points to consider. These tips will make a wedding more than perfect and absolutely memorable!
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