How to Dress Like James Bond

Dress Like James Bond
Dress Like James Bond

There once was a time when dressing like James Bond meant impeccable suits with white oxford shirts or the finery of a tuxedo and bowtie. The image of his character is as important as his actions, and the Bond fashions over the years have stayed true to his form.
But with the latest Bond release comes a new 007 fashion experience called the peacoat, and everyone is jumping on board. It wasn’t planned or scripted, in fact, it happened quite by chance. Daniel Craig, the latest Bond, had purchased the coat a few years prior to making the movie and loved it so much he requested to wear it in the film. Whether it portrayed the actor particularly well or just radiated the persona of Bond is hard to say, but it became an instant hit and fans all around the world have been seen sporting the flexible, versatile device. To an average fan, it is a delight to own one, but to the Bond purist, it is a necessity.
The universal pea coat can be worn any number of ways and is amazingly adaptable to its environment. Imagine how you would see yourself in one of these scenarios:
Slick and Chic
Traditionally Bond in every way, this arrangement takes high fashion to the Emperor’s ball, the streets, or just about anywhere else you desire to go. Couple the versatility of the pea coat with the best in a silk shirt, refined upper-class accessories and sharp leather shoes, and you complete the man filled with confidence and debonair. The complex wool and leather style of this coat can adapt with distinction and flair to any environment, even in the demanding style of 007. Step out and strut who you really are and who you want to be with elegance, style and form.
Rugged and Commanding
This is the side of Bond we all know and love: tough, undefeatable, and ready for any kind of action. On the road or on the carpet, 007 is always in full control. The same elegant pea coat becomes the anchor for this brutish arrangement, coupled with strong, durable slacks, an all-weather sweater and rugged high topped boots. From the top of the mountain peak to the depths of the urban jungles, Bond leads where others dare not follow. Deck yourself in confidence, pave your own way forward and never look back.
Casual and Playful
Imagine Bond on holiday, all smiles and full of play. Take the same passionate appeal of the pea coat but this time couple it with denim, a comfortable V-neck and some casual sneakers. Relaxing with the boys or cruising for a purpose, you’ll enjoy everything more when you look and feel your best. Remember, life’s nothing but fun and games anyway so live it up in the best of style.
Where to Get a Bond Peacoat
The concept of the pea coat is not new. In fact, it has been around for a couple hundred years. Even the US military had an authorized implementation of it. But the version of the pea coat worn by Bond was created by designer Billy Reid in New York City and is known as the Bond Peacoat, not from the movie but because of the store’s location on Manhattan’s Bond Street. Billy Reid took the classic pea coat and brought it forward into today, adding elements of modern style that made it worthy of a 007 appearance.
Although pea coats are available from various sources around the world, the original Bond Peacoat design brandished in the movie can be purchased directly from Billy Reid stores. Whether an occasional fan or a dedicated Bond purist, a Bond Peacoat is an enhancement to anyone’s wardrobe.