Top 10 Mistakes You Make When Drying Your Hair - Guest Post

Top 10 Mistakes You Make When Drying Your Hair

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We’re always in a hurry when it comes to drying your hair after a bath whether by making use of a towel or by blow-drying. It may seem like a natural, non-harmful thing to do but you’ll plead the fifth after knowing about the extent of damage that this habit is causing you. 

When you dry your hair by rubbing your towel in a rough and tough manner or blow-drying in a rush, you’re unconsciously inviting hair-fall, breakage, dull hair and other hair related issues.

No, this is not hogwash at all. Blow-drying might not seem to do that much damage but when you’re blasting your wet hair with sheer heat coming from the dryer; you’re creating havoc to your hair. 

Therefore, to avoid making mistakes when hair drying is that you’ll have to walk through with us right to the bottom and read carefully while we’re at it.

Common Mistakes of Hair Drying

1. Cacophonous towel drying:
A quick towel dry might seem sexy and tempting as seen in movies but it damages your hair in real life. Avoid drying with a towel too quickly and take your time while doing so. This bad habit is one of the main reasons for breakage and frizzy hair. If you had any idea about how precious natural hair is and how costly hair replenishing treatments can get, you would take more care of your hair than your looks.

2. Wrapping your hair in a towel for too long:
We’re not against wrapping a towel around your head. But most of the people especially women start doing different activities; some even start attempting household chores while that bath towel is still wrapped around their head. This is something we stand against very firmly. It causes severe damage to your hair without you even knowing it.

3. A regular bath towel is not meant for hair:
A regular bath towel is indeed manufactured in such a way that it can absorb most of the moisture on your body. However, it doesn’t mean that the fabric used in a regular bath towel is good for your hair. This fabric seems soft to your skin but when it comes to your hair, it can suffer from the wrath of the towel’s rough texture. Such fabric can cause breakage and also frizzy hair.

4. Choosing the wrong heat protectants:
The beautiful and shiny tresses that give you a sophisticated look can stay with you for a long time but you need to be following this advice religiously from now onwards. When it comes to your hair-care, stop looking for cheaper products. The marketplace is flooded with heat protectants. Look for a product that can protect your hair from excessive heat and cause no damage to your locks. 

For example, you should avoid making use of silicone-based heat protectants because the chemical nature of silicone is such that it gradually builds up in your hair and makes your hair look lifeless. Visit thehaircentral today to find the best list of Thermal protectants for your hair.

5. Stop frying your hair!
When your hair is wet, it’s prone to breakage. Therefore, it’s wrong to start styling your hair when it is wet either with or without making use of styling tools. The risk may be less when you’re doing it without heating your hair but when you style your wet hair by heating it, you’re literally air frying your hair.

6. Maybe your hairdryer is to be blamed:
Blow drying your hair after a bath doesn’t have to be that risky but only if the quality of your hairdryer is up to the mark. You should always choose quality over lower cost blowers.

It is because low-quality hairdryers lack the features to keep your hair safe. They’re just good at blowing a beam of hot air right at your hair without any control or safety features which can cause excessive damage to your hair. The top-notch quality blow dryers come with the latest technology such as multiple heat settings, ionic technology, etc.

7. You’re not making use of that concentrator nozzle:
Have you ever heard of a thing called concentrator nozzle attachment? If yes, then why the heck won’t you use it?! 

If no, let us take care of that. That nozzle thing that comes with your hairdryer should be attached on the front end is the concentrator nozzle. It is provided by the companies for a purpose, it helps protect your hair from excessive heat and keeping your hair in the right shape when you’re blow-drying it.

8. You start blow-drying your hair from the back:
The hair experts suggest that you should always start drying your hair from the visible parts of your head, preferably temples and hairline. It is because when you start drying your hair from the back, the major share of your hair has dried out until you reach the front side. It makes styling your hair very difficult afterward and you often end up damaging your hair.

9. Avoid showering before going to bed:
Unless you keep yourself in chains, you should stop showering right before going to bed. It is because when you sleep right after taking a shower, your hair gets tangled and can get all messed up in the morning. However, if you must, you should make use of a hair cream and wear a shower cap overnight to prevent your hair from getting tangled.

10. You’re using the wrong brush:
It may not seem to be such a big deal but it does make a difference. Your ultimate hairstyle depends upon which type of brush you use when you blow dry it after taking a shower. If you have soft and silky hair, you should use a brush with soft and plain bristles whereas if your hair is brittle and frizzy, a brush with coarse bristles should do wonders for you.

To Wrap it Up
These are the most common mistakes that people make when hair drying but these aren’t the only ones. There are many other mistakes that one could be making, so there’s a need for introspection at a personal level. You should always make sure to take all the precautionary measures to prevent your hair from getting damaged while drying it