5 Earring Designs That Add Sparkle To Your Wedding Day! - Guest post

5 Earring Designs That Add Sparkle To Your Wedding Day!

Earring Designs for Wedding day
Earring Designs for Wedding day

​Earrings are woman’s favorite adornment for life-time. The perfect pair of earrings is what will add to all the jazz on your wedding day.
A woman needs to choose the perfect pair which blends perfectly with the attire, looks classy with the right amount of bling to provide an edge over the rest.
One requires careful planning and selection to find the immaculate and well- crafted earrings which makes the bride an absolute diva. So, here is a list of various earrings which a bride can opt for:
.​1. Gold Jhumka Earring
A Jhumka has an old and royal charm to itself which is impossible to miss out on. A gold jhumka combined with some pearls and chains adds up more to the tender beauties and thus adds up to the exquisite look of the bride. It undoubtedly is the first choice of every bride who wants to accentuate her look with the royal charisma. To retain the classical touch, a gold jhumka earring is the perfect pick. As one can never go wrong with classics; also it will help the bride to stay in vogue.
2. Chandelier Earring
This big and bold version of earrings is the favorite celebrity pick. This version is undoubtedly a head turner. Made with the perfect dangle amalgamated well with crystal. It is a timeless piece and an excellent choice for a classic bride. It certainly channelizes the inner princess in you. The Chandelier earring is a fashion statement which is a great pick for both day time and night time weddings. Also, it can be carried well with various styles of attire.
3. Chandbali
Chandbali, is one of the royal jewelry of traditional India which came back in vogue again. Adorning the perfect pair provides the bride with a fiercely stylish look with a traditional flavor to it. It provides all the groove to accentuate your look. This rich, old and traditional has evolved over time. The modern bride has a plethora of options to look for. Some designs are: the peacock petal, hoop, spiked, filigree, jhumar, multi- layered and a lot more. It is one of the favorite picks of the celebrities and divas.
4. Ear Cuffs
The biggest upcoming trend in fashion right now is the ear cuff. This enchanting adornment for the ear is made on a small metallic curved band which gets clipped on the side cartilage of the ear. This statement piece of jewelry goes perfect with the simple evening gown to give that elegant and sophisticated look and make you the head turner of the event.
5. Pearl Drop Earrings
Pearls are forever in vogue. It adds up grace to both the classical bride and the modern bride. The perfect pair made with a mix of classic notes blended with glitzy bling and sparkle. These beauties can be adorned for life time with various attires for many years to come. Like said pearl drop earrings can never go out of trend; and is an asset to the jewelry world…