Eight effective tips on how to protect your skin from the sun

Eight effective tips on how to protect your skin from the sun

protect your skin from the sun
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Avoiding exposure to the Sun is just next to impossible, especially when you are constantly on the go!

UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin, such as Wrinkles, Lathering Skin, Actinic Keratoses, and Fine Lines—also, people living in the hotter regions of the globe face even more severe difficulties.

For instance, skin issues like Sunburns, Redness, Dryness, etc., are pervasive amongst people living in the hot areas.

One of the most life-threatening conditions caused by the dangerous UV rays is ‘Cancer.’ However, for quite a long time, ‘Sunscreens’ have been a preventive measure to protect ourselves from any of these problems.

You can easily find a perfect Sunscreen by searching for women’s best sunscreen on Google or any Skincare Brand’s website and come across the top picks for your skin type.

In this blog, we will not only talk about the best sunscreens for your skin but also other ways through which you can save yourself from the cons of UV Rays!

Types of Skin Problems that Occur Due to Over-Exposure to Sunlight

Undoubtedly, the cause of many minor and significant skin related problems/diseases is the overexposure to the Sun. Some examples of the Sun caused diseases are Erythema, photosensitivity, and Immunologic Alterations. These diseases cause short -term negative impact on your skin, while Photoaging and Skin-Related carcinomas (cancers) are long-term effects of sun exposure.

Beat the heat – 8 Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Educate yourself and see what works for your skin with 10 of the smartest skin protection methods from Sun.


Using sunscreen to protect your skin from the Sun must be your first and foremost option. There are plenty of choices available in the category- Best Sunscreen Lotion for you, but make sure you buy one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.

Applying the best sunscreen on the face and other body parts block UV rays and act as a moisturizer. Try putting a thick layer of sunscreen on areas that come in contact with UV rays.


Nobody wants to get their vision harmed by the UV rays, as it can cause ‘Cataracts.’ Look for companies that manufacture shades that provide 75 to 85 percent UV blockage.

It would only be better to get your hands on larger frames or wrap-around glasses as they only offer the best protection.


For centuries, Herbs have been into medicines and cosmetics as a crucial ingredient. Studies show that plants with healing properties come in regular use in medication or beautifying products.

In fact, according to several scientific studies, traditional herbs are far better than chemically tested medicine. One of the most profound merits is that there are no side effects attached to them.

By all this, we mean to say that you can either use these herbs with so many beautiful qualities directly on your skin once you get in contact with the Sun rays or you can also opt for products that are enriched with 100% natural ingredients.

#4 HATS and CAPS

Giving yourself extra protection by wearing bigger hats, especially darker, broad-brimmed, and Bucket Hats with a wide brim and legionnaire style – provide the most protection.


Sunscreen, shades, hats and caps, all done! But what about wristbands? Some wristbands track UV rays, provide a daily UV index and give a trendy and funky look, making them a go-to option for today’s fashionable generation.


This is one of the most crucial factors to maintain the moisture of your skin at ease. You can replace heavy creams with the lighter ones and of a trusted company to keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

Drinking plenty of water is the best remedy for your body as it keeps the skin moisturized that will prevent blemishes, acne, pimples, darkness, and wrinkles.


Vitamin D is very essential when it comes to health. It is suitable for bones, muscles, and even hair, but Sun is not the only vitamin D source. You can also find it in fatty fish-tuna, swordfish, and salmon. This nutrient is also present in fortified foods such as milk and yogurt.

Supplements can fulfil your need for vitamin D, but you must contact your doctor before taking any.


Try not to schedule outdoor activities in the day or between 11 am to 3 pm because these are the Sun’s peak hours. The Sun shines at its maximum value in this period. Try to schedule activities after or before this time.

One Stop Solution For Your Tanned Skin

I am sharing some of the best products with you to de-tan your skin!

#1 Anti-Tanning Face Pack

This 100% natural and handmade face pack delivers a boost of moisture to your skin, nourishing it while leaving it fresh and glowing,

Key Ingredients: Orange peel powder, Almond powder, camphor powder, Chandan powder and fenugreek powder.

Benefits: Removes tan, brightens the face, moisturizes the skin, clear up acne – these are a few benefits of this anti-tanning pack.

#2 Detan Facial Mask by

This handmade face mask can be used for de-tanning and giving your face an instant glow. It helps to lighten sunspots, minimize pores’ appearance, even out your skin tone ,add brightness to your skin- leaving it firm and glowing.

Key Ingredients:Colloidal oatmeal, rose clay, licorice, sandalwood, lavender

Benefits: Reduce sunspots, de-tanning, blemishes, lightens pigmentation and make the dull skin look radiant.

3. De-Tan Black Magic Face Pack

This 100% natural and handmade face pack de-tans the skin naturally while removing the tanned layers.

It helps the skin from pollution and acts as a present antioxidant to fight the pollution-free radicals and not attach to the skin.

Key Ingredients: Ashwagandha, sandalwood, rosebuds, rosemary, gooseberry, myrobalan, alum, fullers earth, artemisia pallens, and neem.

Benefits: De-tan naturally and brighten your skin by providing deep nourishment.

These were some of the best and natural ways, including sunscreens to protect your skin from the Sun and avoid its adverse effects on it. We hope these tips will be useful for you!