Common Engagement Ring Shopping Myths Busted - Guest Post

Common Engagement Ring Shopping Myths Busted

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

​When the time comes to pop the big question to the love of your life, you will probably find people around you giving suggestions on the kind of engagement ring you should buy. However, you may also come across a lot of information which makes the buying process a bit difficult and there are many pitfalls. So, here I have put together some of the most common misconceptions that arise when shopping for perfect diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.  

  • You need to spend a fortune to buy the engagement ring

This is probably the one misconception that has existed since ages, but this is not true. The amount of money you want to spend on an engagement ring is your personal choice. Most reputable jewellers have a wide variety of great rings at affordable price range. You just need to set the budget before you go diamond engagement ring shopping. Setting a budget will help you determine which ring you can buy and saves time from looking at rings you can’t or don’t want to buy.

  • The buying process is very complicated

With an array of choices and different types of colours and styles to choose from the engagement ring, buying process can be overwhelming. However, many reputable jewellers these days one of them being Australian Diamond Company give you the best possible services making the process very easy just like buying a candy. They provide you details and ask you questions about what you need and which style would you prefer. But before all this, you need to know about the likes and dislikes of your partner and what style they prefer and then visit the store near you. The reputable jeweller will walk you through the entire process and even make recommendations on the right size and colour.

  • Customisation of engagement rings is very expensive

It is often believed that designing your own engagement ring can cost a lot of money. The truth is, the entire process of getting a customised engagement ring is not expensive as it used to be. Many leading jewellery retailers offer this service at reasonable price and you get a ring the way you want it to be. Just be sure to allow enough time for the ring to be tailored.

  • Only round diamonds are best and look bigger

Round cut diamonds are not only the one shape that are best and make your ring look bigger. In fact, other shapes such as pear, marquise, radiant and oval cuts are best if you are looking for big diamonds. As fancy shapes not only make the ring look bigger but also cost less than a round diamond of same carat and quality. You can even go for other shapes such as princess, emerald, Asscher and Cushion.

  • Clarity alone determines the sparkle

The clarity actually determines how many imperfections or lacks are there within diamonds. A flawless diamond will have no imperfections whereas an included diamond is more likely to have visible imperfections. Diamonds containing numerous inclusions or blemishes have less brightness and lustre as the flaws interfere with the path of light passing through the diamond. So, a diamond’s sparkle is really not determined by the clarity but there are a number of other factors as well which needs to be taken into consideration.
So, these are some of the common misconceptions about the diamond engagement ring and I hope that understanding them will help you in finding the perfect engagement ring for your significant other.