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Fashion Tips for the H-Figure Women’s

Fashion Tips

Women with H-figure look a bit androgynous. The reason for this is that they have very little pronounced waist and also buttocks, breasts, and hips often have little feminine curves. The nice thing here is that the arms and legs of the H-figure type are also straight, often even slender and long. No wonder that under this figure type a lot of long-legged gazelles are found. That leaves accentuate fashionably wonderful. And also for the lack of wasp waist, there are excellent tips from the field of fashion tricks. 

10 Dos and Don’ts for the H-type figure

  1. Add some volume or an eye-catcher on shoulders, neckline, and chest. Puffed sleeves, shoulder straps, draped necklines, chest pockets with flaps, or pleated breast games are appropriate means to do so. Not to mention the so-called “Cap Sleeves” i.e., very short sleeves that just cover the shoulders) that visually widen the shoulder-chest area.

  2. Draw with seams, cuts, and accessories to your upper body a deep V, ranging as possible to the waist. Wide and deep lapels are ideal, as long chains with large pendants or according to draped scarves. Or choose dresses, jackets, and tops with correspondingly shaped darts, draping, and fabric swatches. The accentuated and narrows your waistline.

  3. Be sure to let the silhouette of your lower body look like a. Carry for example slightly flared skirts and trousers. Even fabric patterns that are larger at the hem and small facing the waist, or appropriately arranged ornaments, like edgings, laces, piping, or the like, can generate this line.

  4. Play. With a large volume of material to either the upper or lower body If you – like many women with H character – have very slender legs, little butt, and almost boyish narrow hips, you can carry a very large volume of material on the lower body well (comparison). Wide circle skirts or Palazzo pants flit through their cut and the fabric movement curvy femininity front. But Combine this figure-hugging tops. Conversely, you can use your long legs by narrow, straight-cut skirts and trousers – even succinctly – stress. These then a shell with a larger, soft falling volume is advantageous. In both cases, visually creates a narrower waist.

  5. Put feminine accents. Whether ruffles, ruffles, draping, ruffles, ribbons, or lace details – these very feminine design elements create a great contrast to your androgynous figure. Put these elements but only selectively and sporadically a, especially in the shoulder, chest, and hips.

  6. Use diagonal cuts and asymmetrical lines and elements to lead the viewer’s eye in serpentine lines over your body. These also pretend curves.

  7. If you want to distract you from your waist, you will be most effective in tone-on-tone outfits. If you like it rather colorful be sure to place the darkest place in the region of your waist.

  8. Choose patterns that flatter your body. With fewer curves, these are often more stringent, linear patterns, such as stripes or checks.

  9. Insert belt, adjust, or embellishments at the waist a reticent. On a wide, flashy belt or very dominant ornaments, you should avoid. Wear instead narrow or medium width belt the same color as the dress. Or to put subtle accents at the waist, as tone-on-tone decors or a Waist yoke of special material.

  10. Make sure all garments to the correct size of the waist. Seams, cuts, and silhouettes should be geared towards mid-waist and the shoulders and hips are wider toward the outside. To draw on your body for an hourglass figure. Avoid anything that makes your torso appear angular or edged. Width, shapeless dresses and tops, and box jackets do nothing for your figure.