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Fashion Trend For Lovely Ladies Out There

Fashion Trend

If you are one of those beautiful ladies that when they look at their wardrobe think that how am I going to keep my style game up then don’t move a muscle we got you covered with some of the best trends this season that you can buy and add some trendy outfits to your wardrobe. Shopping is like therapy but this therapy is often ruined when you get to know that the things you have bought are gone out of fashion. This happens because we often buy things that are about to go out of trend or are already outdated. In order to not get your shopping experience ruined we have gathered some of the latest trends that are going to stay and are fashionable enough to make you look updated and stylish.

Straight outta 70’s

These days women are into colourful dresses that are in contrast with mod prints or bohemian layers with a sprinkle of some retro accessories and voila you are ready to get those heads turn in your direction with your straight outta 70’s style. Some designers have put in real efforts to get the 70’s back and bring that nostalgic feel back in the trend.

Customise pullover hoodie

Hoodies are never going to be out of fashion or trend because hoodies are not like trends that come and go, hoodies are timeless classic and it will stay in fashion then why are we putting hoodies in this category because hoodies are not just hoodies anymore, artist have shown their creativity in hoodies and suddenly there is trend of Customise Pullover Hoodie that look fantastic if the custom designs are creative and innovative enough. If you think that you would look astonishing with your desired thoughts and designs than this trend is for you definitely.

Something about the suede

The 70’s trend is not just stopping here and we all know that there can’t be a 70 trend without a little suede in it. But in this particular case there is a lot of suede. These suede jackets are made for spotlights, the fringe jackets are back in the business courtesy to Khaite and Celine with some alteration to the previous designs and now ladies can flaunt these chic jackets with attitude and confidence.

Tropical getaway

It’s time to get away from the ordinary world of fashion and try something more tropical. Whether you decide to go on an actual trip to the Bahamas or just planning to give your appearance a more tropical trip. Courtesy to the fantastic spring we all are having these tropical dresses are essential to rock. We believe every lady with a desire to look stylish and beautiful should own one of these beautiful and soft tropical dresses. When you are in these dresses even the air from the subway will make you feel like it’s a cold breeze touching your face with love.

Utilitarian jackets

This new trend is not actually new it has been around from quite some time but somehow people thought it is not alive anymore so that’s we are happy to break the news that the ass-kicking, mind blowing , jaw dropping Utilitarian jackets are back in business and this time it is more refined, more comfortable and more lovable. Unlike in past we are unexpectedly NOT getting those cargo pants or jumpsuits this time its blazers, dresses and suits with large cargo pockets that will give you a look you never had before.

Tube tops

When you read the words tube tops you know that we are talking about some real fashion stuff. Cheer up ladies the tube top are back in the trend. Other than that 90’s nostalgic feeling tube tops have the comfort unlike any other top and the style is nothing that need any discussion.  If its summer you can take them to the beach and flaunt that sweet body of yours and get those hard work out paid off. In winters you can rock them under a bulky jacket and layer your outfit to perfection. When the idea is to no go all now and keep things a little low key then you can wear it over a plain sweater to let everyone know that this girl has the spark in her.