The Massive Fashion Trend Prediction of 2018 - Guest Post

The Massive Fashion Trend Prediction of 2018

Fashion Trend of 2018
Fashion Trend of 2018

​It has only been a month after we entered 2018, but we still have a lot of time to research about some of the upcoming fashion trends this year. Though we are no psychics, we can still generate guesses and predictions when it comes to the fashion trends and leading clothing items that every woman will be attempting this year.
As we delve into the new year, we expect and anticipate for the countless possibilities ahead. And when we talk about beauty and fashion, the beginning of another year involves revamping our wardrobe and bringing our cosmetics up to date.
Clear your space for the biggest fashion trends this 2018. To know more, here is an outline of the massive fashion trend predictions to watch out for this year. 
On the FringeUsually found on clothing made from buckskin, leather, and suede, Fringe used to be the edge or border of hanging strips, cords, and strips. It first became a fancy embellishment in the late 1920’s as an added detail of the flapper dress flock, a well-known dress back in the days.
Now, most fashion designers have combined fringe in nearly all item in their collection. From shoes to dresses and even accessories and coats. Indeed, fringe fashion is back and is ready to steal the scene from the other fashion trends.
This 2018, the fringe fashion trend gets more futuristic and festive. You can see some dramatic, ultra-glamorous fringe on different runways like Dior, Calvin Klein, and many more. If you want to venture on this trend, it already appears on skirts, bags, and even in trimmed tank tops.
Play with Plaid

Checkered prints, tartans, or plaids are making a huge resurgence this 2018. Well, they never really go out of style. Some popular designers have even reinvented and played with checkered prints on the runways.
And the best thing about this print is that you can integrate it into your everyday looks in countless ways. By incorporating this kind of print into your looks, you end up looking sophisticated, refined, elegant, and cool.
From plaid mini skirts to plaid coats, and from plaid dresses to plaid scarves, you can certainly pull off this fashion trend this 2018 without looking dated and old. Fuse it with feminine designs and several pieces of jewelry.
Color of the Year: Ultra-violetUltra-violet is a fascinating purple shade that suggests flexibility of expression. As such, the color speaks for our wanting for profound understanding in a very complicated world. It also represents our keenness to experiment to get what we want in our lives.
As we enter 2018, we also encounter a new set of fashion trends. Thus it is time to embrace these trends genuinely. And this year, ultra-violet is Pantone’s color of the year. So, we expect to spot lots of ultra-violet this 2018, from accessories, shoes, and clothes.
The simplest way to incorporate this color into your looks is by utilizing it as an accent. Consider vibrant socks, for example. Furthermore, search for patterned accessories or pieces that involves green, pink, and red – thus making ultra-violet as the base color.
Extraordinary EarringsStatement earrings are apparently one of the biggest fashion crazes from 2017. Good news, they are still going to be a trend this 2018. From hammered metal to oversized hoops, extraordinary earrings are the style that manages to linger.
This 2018, the trend for supersized earrings are all about the drama. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez are perfectly killing it. Be confident enough to wear these statement earrings every day.
Though the sense of wearing huge earrings can feel a bit uneasy, you can go for minimalist earrings that will work well with everything you wear. Just try wearing them for a day, and you will be going to love the way you look.
Puff or Balloon Sleeves

 As viewed on many fashion houses runways in the likes of Louis Vuitton, balloon sleeves are getting its way back in the fashion industry. Of course, we have seen these super-sized sleeves in 2017. However, it will be different this 2018.
A balloon sleeve top in poplin or cotton is probably the most straightforward way for you to try this fashion trend. Since the material is either poplin or cotton, it makes your outfit more casual, most especially when matched with trousers or jeans.
Furthermore, if you want to take it more advanced, try wearing a bold sleeve over a dress. As such, it can give you an 80’s vibe while keeping it neutral. Or you can go for a black dress with balloon sleeves in an appealing pattern or texture, such as polka dots or lace.
Cozy and Comfortable CorduroyCorduroy pants are making a huge comeback this 2018. They are super affordable and comfortable. One of its significant advantages is that it can make you look smart and clever.
There is a vibe of brainy intellectualism about it. Though farmers originally wore it, today it is the bookish version of velvet. And there is no need to argue that it is truly back as a fashion craze.
TakeawayThe beginning of a new year symbolizes a lot of things. And when we talk about beauty and fashion, the beginning of the new year is also the start of updating your whole wardrobe and cosmetics.
Though we cannot foresee what is coming ahead of us, we can certainly make some predictions when it comes to fashion trends. Trends like fringe, plaid, ultra-violet, statement earrings, balloon sleeves, and corduroy will certainly dominate this year.
Author BioKobe Parker is a fashion and travel blogger. He loves to write about the latest fashion trends and the best places to visit. Kobe browses any online store like Deal Wiki to shop for affordable clothes and travel deals.