Choose Your Non-Invasive Fat Losing Technique Today - Guest Post

Choose Your Non-Invasive Fat Losing Technique Today


Body Fat – The one thing in our body that we all want to get rid of, but the question is how can we do that? Exercising and dieting seem impossible to practice in routine, owing to our lifestyle and busy schedules. So, what options are you left with if not these ever-suggestive ones? Well, the third most obvious option that might be emerging in your mind would be to go for the surgical weight-loss options, but won’t that be too painful and extremely expensive? You certainly don’t need to go to that extent if you want a little extra fat to be removed from a part of your body.

Do not be so disappointed! We have non-surgical and equally effective solutions for you – Cryolipolysis and Cavitation. Let’s get you introduced to these methods of losing weight and also familiarize you with the difference between cryolipolysis and cavitation.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is the fat loose treatment that relies on using a controlled cooling process on the problem area. It is suitable in cases if you have moderate fat appearing densely at various parts of your body including the abdomen, arms, flanks, hips, thighs, back, and knees.

Though it is beneficial in itself if you treat each part for 60 minutes for duration of one month regularly, the results can be more effective if you combine this treatment with dietary elements also.

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation (also known as ‘Lipo-Cavitation) is a pain-free and risk-free alternative to Lipo-Surgery as it does not include going through any surgery or anesthetics. It uses low frequency ultra sonic waves to reduce fat cells present under the skin.  

However, you need to consult doctor to undertake this method as the equipments are available with them and can be used by the professionals only. Six to twelve sessions would be enough to treat one area.

Crylipolysis vs Cavitation

Now, we know that both these treatments are non-surgical with no side effects. And, both are equally effective too. So, how will you differentiate between the two while deciding on which one to adapt?

Fat Reduction Procedure: Crylipolysis operates by using controlled temperature application on the problem area while cavitation puts in use the ultrasound technology.

Number of Sessions: To witness the same results on the same area, cavitation will require more number of sessions in comparison to the crylipolysis.

Results: Though in cavitation you will be able to witness the results really quickly but they are generally not long lasting while in crylipolysis the results might take some time to perceive (almost a month), the body shape will remain more stable.

You can combine both the treatments or choose one depending on your requirements and the suggestion of your therapist. Have a contented weight losing!