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Fat Reduction Myths & Facts

Fat Reduction

With almost every individual struggling to shed the extra body fat either to remain healthy or to attain a flaunt worthy body shape, we all need a bit of guidance every now and then.

However, since weight loss is such a common topic for discussion, there have been many misconceptions doing rounds about the fat losing methods also. And if you really want to get the desired results for all your efforts, you should be acquainted with the myths that surround weight loss.

So, let’s revisit all those myths today and know about the facts that counter them.

1.The Weight We Lose is All Fat

Initially, the weight that we lose is all the water weight that is accumulated in your body, followed by some portion of the muscles. You should know that our body shed its fat reserves only as the last resort unless you are exercising regularly. In that case, you will start burning the fat cells present in your body also.

2.The Less Your Eat, The Thinner You Become

Technically, you would lose weight with less consumption of food as there will be a calorie deficit for your body. However, if you would not provide even the required amount of calories to your body (1500 for men and 1200 for women), your body will begin to store everything and might deposit it around your belly.

3.You Should Be Skipping Meals to Lose Weight

Till the time you are taking care of the fact that your meals are healthy, there is no upper limit to the number of times you should consume them. In fact, starving yourself would generally increase your craving for sugary and fatty foods and you might give in your temptation. So, have healthy and filling meals.

4.Some Foods Have Negative Calories

It is often believed that foods like apples, cucumber and celery have negative calories, implying that these foods consume more calories from the body to digest than the amount of calories that they carry themselves. This is absolutely false. Though these foods have less calories because of more water content, they are still a friction of what your body has in store.

5.You Should Eliminate All the Fat from Your Food

Your body needs a certain amount of fat content in your regular food intake in order to function properly. So, you are not supposed to cut out fat entirely from your diet. In fact, it is an absolute myth that just by consuming fat you will put on the weight. If you really want to reduce the fat, then make a habit of performing strength exercises regularly.

Remember! It’s easy to fall for all the misconceptions when we are desperately trying to achieve some goals, but you have to watchful whether your efforts are yielding any long terms results. Instead, go for approved scientific methods like fat freezing treatments to shed all those extra pounds that have become the reason you cannot fit into your favorite summer dress or jeans. And since you can now have a fat freezing belt at home, you can use it according to your convenient timings!