Heading to a Festival this Summer? - Know what to wear - Guest Post

Heading to a Festival this Summer? – Know what to wear

Festival fashion
Festival fashion

Guest Post By : Alice Irvin
Whether you’re heading for a rock concert on a summer evening or a food & wine festival where you get to taste the finest wines of the world, the problem of “what to wear?” persists. What makes it even trickier is – summers! The hot months will suck in all the energy and leave you feeling lethargic if you don’t wear the right pair of clothes. However, you don’t even have the option of looking mediocre because your style appeal matters a lot.

So, what should you be wearing being the masculine personality? Moreover, what should you invest in to keep the summer heat at bay? Go on and find out the easy tips that’ll help you on this front.
Go for basic and lightweight pieces
A festival is not what comes to an end within a day, it generally goes on for about 2-3 days or even more. Hence, it wouldn’t be a wise option for you to have a baggage that is bulky and hard to carry. Pick the most lightweight pieces for your comfortable and easy traveling which are fashionable as well. Casual shirts are a great option that can be teamed up with shorts or trousers in the best way.
Don’t look dull with boring colors
Festivals are supposed to be fun that raises the bar of your happiness! If you are trying to pack up the navy, blacks, and the grays, ditch them right away. Reach out your hand on the vibrant pastels, neon shades and anything that is bright. If you are having fun, your clothes should reflect that and pep up your spirits for more enjoyment. Just make sure that while experimenting, you don’t try your hand at anything that doesn’t suit your personality. For example, if you are not into neon colors then ditch them and pick the bright colors.
Opt for a versatile pair of shoes

 What can a versatile pair of shoes be like? Well, trainers or plimsolls are the best options to keep your feet looking sexy and covered for all the times. Sandals would be a bad idea for a festival or else you’d have to bring more than one pair of shoes with you. Hence, the feasible idea would be to have one pair that’ll go with every clothing style.
Have supportive men’s underwear
Lightweight? Check! 3-4 pairs? Check! Supportive? Ahh.. Well, when you are heading for a festival where you’re going to dance your heart out and indulge in a lot of walking, you need your underwear for men to be supportive. You can even pep up the same with neon shades if you cannot have them in your outfits.
Accessorize or look incomplete

When you mix and match your outfits, you need to keep in mind that accessories too are an important part of the wear. No! We’re not asking you to have huge necklaces around your neck or slip in big rings to look dapper, accessories can be a funky pair of shades, a cool hat, and bracelets (optional). What do you think?

Now you can go ahead and start packing and head to your summer festival.