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Festival tips to look good for the day

Festival tips
Festival tips

The festival season is in full swing and that means you can keep busy for hours again without shame with the perfect outfit, a finely styled coupe and festival proof makeup. And although you often for days – or even weeks – to toeleeft such a festival, you’ll still often face dilemmas when you find yourself in the morning in the mirror. With these tips you’ve festival soon the center of attention!

Straightener snuggle later.

And saves you a lot of time, and the chance that your hair yet again by the wind gets confused, is considerable. Allow the hair straightened so simply lie where it lies, and let it be! Stroke or curls are just a big do for a festival. Indeed, the wilder the better! So grab your ultimate rather curl remedies there or get started with your curling iron.

Still, for a fixed coupe? Let those stubborn tufts are willed.
You desperate and endlessly with hairspray get going, but you can also opt for that stubborn tufts from your bun or baby hair along your face, nice to have for what they are. Rather pull out some extra hair so you get the perfect casual, yet creates styled coupe.

Decorate yourself with temporary tattoos.

How cute are flash tattoos? The temporary tattoos in metallic colors. They come in all different shapes and sizes and is a must have for the fashionable gangster festival this summer! And how convenient: you paste them – like before – just on your skin by rubbing over it with water and a cloth and voila: there’s your shiny temporary tattoo.

Lubricate yourself with sunburn

Lubrication! Before your home goes out, you already rub your body with a thick layer of sunscreen. Yeah, we sound just like your mother, but it’s very important to continue to protect skin well. And be honest: you would not want look at the end of the day as a red lobster? Bring often does not make sense because many liquid stuff can be purchased at the entrance, so the more important it is that you’re good at lubricates before you leave home!

Go crazy!

As we see today back a lot of colors in hairstyles, it might be more fun to have some tufts of hair to be dyed a different color! Blue, Lilla, pink … What you want! The point is that you look at yourself in the mirror and think: wow! Do not turn your hand to add some colors in your hair? Today it is also a trend to give your brows a bright color. Who dares?