Factors To Consider Before Building Your First Swimming Pool

Factors To Consider Before Building Your First Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Many homeowners desire to have one or even more swimming pools around their place. Pools beautify homes and generally make the whole place extra special. Homes that have swimming pools are beneficial and entertaining for kids since they enjoy playing with water.

A homeowner can opt for aboveground, Semi-In ground, or inground swimming pools. Aboveground swimming pools are mainly preferred by individuals who want something they can disassemble easily in case they decide to move. Let us look at the important factors that anyone intending to build a swimming pool should put in mind.

Your Budget

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It is very crucial for a homeowner to be realistic when setting up your dream home. There are a number of expenditures to be considered before building a swimming pool. The expenditures include landscaping, lighting, heating, material to be used, labor, and so on. Don’t forget to include maintenance costs in your budget.

In case you have an intention to set up a floating swimming pool at your waterfront, make sure you have the floating dock plan and include it in your budget. The size of such a pool can be easily adjusted and any additional fun features can be added to the pool.

Pool Maintenance

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Swimming pools need to be maintained regularly for hygiene and safety purposes. Your swimming pool should have proper filtration, sound hydraulics, and be energy efficient. The pipes and pumps used in your swimming pool contribute hugely to the maintenance process.

The type of valves used in your pool plumbing system matters a lot. The valves will prevent the water flow where it is not needed and direct the flow where it is needed. Dumbor hasset standards for pool valves that have generally revolutionized the whole pool plumbing process.

Always ensure your pool water is in the right PH and is cleaned at least once a week. When the swimming pool is well maintained, the outdoor space will remain functional, the environment will be safer and the pool longevity will be increased.

The Size Of The Pool

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The size of the pool you intend to build will depend on a number of factors. The amount of space available will dictate the size of the pool that can be installed. The available space will also determine the shape of the pool.

Your Budget should also be put into consideration when deciding on the size of pool you want. Swimming pools need money for them to be installed, operated, and maintained. The pools also need to be fenced for safety reasons. All these require money, and so the size you settle on should match your budget.

The number of people intending to use the pool will also determine its size. Generally, 6-8 people require an 18 by 36-foot pool size. Less than 6 people will require a 16 by 31-foot pool size. Overcrowding in the pool is unsafe and it also restricts individuals from playing pool games. Anything below the above-stated size will only provide a place to relax and chill without much movement.

Type Of Material Used

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The common types of materials used to make swimming pools include fiberglass composite, vinyl, and concrete materials. These materials are usually reinforced in wall frames made of aluminum, steel, or polymer that are non-corrosive. Your contractor or an architect will advise you on the kind of material that is suitable for your pool.

The material used will also depend on the kind of look you are interested in. Do you want a tropical resort look or a natural fish pond look? But generally whatever material you decide to go with should be safe, durable, comfortable, and attractive.

When choosing the material to be used in building your pool, bear in mind that it will be exposed to water that contains acid, chlorine, or even salt. The material should be able to withstand all that or even worse. When tiles are used in swimming pools they generally contribute to the wow factor, comfortability and they generally brighten the pool.

Additional Swimming Pool Features

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You can make your swimming pool a very inviting, relaxing, and exciting place by adding some features and lighting to it. This is a perfect way to bring your resort expectations to your home. Such features include swim-up bars which integrate refreshments with your pool.

 Led light pool lighting will also brighten your pool in your color of choice, they mainly come in green or blue. Other features include an upcycled fountain, fire pit which is mainly places besides the pool, natural rock features, jump-off perches, waterfalls, and outdoor showers which are mainly used before and after swimming.


Generally, swimming pools bring together friends and family. Through it, lifetime memories are created. You can add swimming pool accessories to your home pool to make it unique and give it a ‘wow factor. For instance, lighting it up using beautiful and energy-saving led lights. Swimming pools should be well maintained for safety and for them to serve the intended purpose effectively.