9 Pro Tips to Achieve #FitnessGoals for Your Wedding Day - Guest Post

9 Pro Tips to Achieve #FitnessGoals for Your Wedding Day

Fitness Goals for Wedding Day
Fitness Goals for Wedding Day

​Your big day is coming. Are you ready for that all-eyes-set-on-you type of event?
Undoubtedly, every bride – to be like you struggles with their fitness essentials because who on earth would not want to achieve their best body in their what seems to be the most important day? Probably, you have contemplated about taking best diet pills for women the moment you saw your dress. And with that, thoughts like “I should control my eating” and “What if my wedding dress no longer fits me?” start to daunt you. All these because you don’t want to ruin your big day ahead. 

Considering your worries, here are some tips to achieve #fitnessgoals before your walk down the aisle.  Abide these tips to set a smart workout and wellness plan:

  1. Jump start

It’s better to start earlier with your workout plan and put it into effect. This way, you will start seeing the good you will be doing for your body, instead of trying to reach the goal that are not realistic. You will end up stressing up yourself even more which you don’t want to happen, right? Guess you don’t wish for a stressful face before your wedding. And so, always leave yourself some wiggle room. Remember that there are always good and bad days!

  1. Keep it realistic

Don’t ever set up fitness goal that is way bigger than your actual stamina. If you aim too high, you will set yourself up for frustration and failure. You don’t have to be a size two to look perfect, your ideal body weight differs from others the reason why it should not be compared.

  1. Understand what it will take

As per known fitness experts, it is ideal to spend 30 minutes of cardio session per week with an equal amount of strength training, though the amount will need adjustment according to your goals. If your target requires losing 15 pounds of body weight, then you’ll need to add in cardio for up to 5 or 6 days a week. Cardio workouts can be anything, from brisk walking, cycling, jogging, and even skipping rope. Choose what you love doing and for better results, push yourself a bit harder from time to time.

  1. Control your eating habits

To achieve an even better result from your exercise routine, you will need to control your eating habits. You can use diet alone to lose weight, but it is pretty difficult to leave diet same and exercise to lose body fat. The most advisable way for your jumpstart is to eat more vegetables. Moreover, consider focusing on super foods such as eggs, broccoli, and walnuts that can help you fill up better.

  1. Lose the fat, not the muscles

The body has a limit to the fat you can lose in a certain time frame. Of course, you can go beyond the limit time but in that case, the weight you lose will not be from the fat. The weight loss will be from the muscles which is considered unhealthy. For instance, if you’re aiming to lose 20 pounds, it’s preferable to try losing a percent per week.

  1. Consider setting smaller goals

It is always better to do things consistently than trying to hit the goal at once. For example: add 20 minutes cardio and strength training for two times a week for the first week. In the second week, repeat the same with an additional 10 minutes of cardio. And write everything down!

  1. Keep a visual record

Taking selfies for your tracking your fitness progress can help a lot. Most of the times when you work out, you add muscles but lose fat. The weighing scales might tell you that you haven’t lost much, yet a picture can clearly tell you how much you’re losing and toning up. Seeing you’re making progress will thus add up to your motivation. You’ll get inspired to work harder.

  1. Change your perspective

Think of your gym timing as sessions you can actually control instead of considering at it as chores. You can stress less with all the planning for the wedding, decoration ideas, and dress, guests and even more, with something that will actually make you feel better.

  1. Stay Positive

Come to think of it: will you ever have better fitness motivation than your wedding day? Having said that, take advantage of this rare window of opportunity to be super driven. There may never be another time like this in your life. Your desire will be your starting point. Discipline will just follow. Seriously, when will your desire to get fit ever be as great as it will in the months leading up to your walk down the aisle? Put that drive to good use in the gym, making yourself look even better.