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The Ultimate Formal Style Guide for Men 2016

Formal Style Guide
Formal Style Guide

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Certainly, you have been wearing suits since years and you know how to dress yourself, but here is a guide to ensure that your formals look as smart and stylish on you as they are supposed to look. So, let’s begin with the basics. 

Shirt Sleeves
Your sleeves should end between the bottom knuckle of your thumb and the bone of your wrist that sticks out. When you go to purchase a new shirt, just drop your arms to the sides in a relaxing position and then observe the length of your shirt’s sleeves.

The shoulder seams of your shirt should be placed at the end of your shoulders, that is, the point where your shoulder’s horizontal plane meet the biceps. The same would apply to your jacket’s shoulder line also.

Your shirt’s collar should be snug around your neck area without feeling even a bit constricted. The best way to check it is by fitting two fingers between your neck and the collar of the shirt. There should not be more space than that.

Look for the pants which has a completely straight back and a very small crease in the front. To ensure that the size is proper, wear your dress shoes while you go for trail for your suit as you would be able to know the proper length only then.

Jacket Style
Tall and Thin: You can wear any style you like – one, two three or four buttoned jackets.

Tall and Muscular: The classic two-buttoned jacket would look best on you but you can choose a one-buttoned one for a thinner waistline.

Short and Thin: Avoid double breasted, three or four buttoned jackets. You would be good in one or two buttoned jacket.

Short and Muscular: You should also avoid three or four buttoned jackets or double breasted ones. Also, make sure that your jacket has a low button stance.

Since we are done with the basics, let’s talk about the accessories now.

Neck Tie
If you have a date, then your tie color should match with your date’s dress color. Otherwise, match it with your suit’s color. Or if you don’t mind, go for a adjustable bow tie which looks smart and is easy to wear also.

Pocket Square
Though adding a pocket square to your outfit could be quite scary since they come in all different patterns, colors and fabrics, this is one accessory where you have the least chances of going wrong. It does not need to match with any other part of your attire, thus you can be completely experimental with this accessory.

It is the most general rule of wearing a suit that you should have heard and read ample of times by now, but let me state it again for you – your belt should match your shoes both in color and texture. It’s belt to go for leather stuff as it looks classy and is easy to find too.

You are good to go now and look classy in that suit. However, remember that these are just some common guidelines for you to make you look perfect. Feel free to experiment more and find yourself an individual look.