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How to Sport Geometric Designs

Geometric Designs
Geometric Designs

Contribution By:  Author Bio: Janani Sundar is a freelance writer, who likes to write about the latest trends in Fashion and online fashion portals in India.
You don’t have to be good at math to sport the right equation of geometric prints. Outfits having geometric prints are instant eye-catchers and head turners. The boldness these prints exude is perfect for individuals who like to be the centre of attention or stand out in a crowd. Turns out that geometric prints are not just preferred by math enthusiasts but is the hot trend this season. 
Whether you want to opt for flashy exciting prints and burst of colours, or you ache for a toned-down look with sober and simpler designs, there are a few pointers you will need to take into consideration in order to attract the right kind of attention. While trying to pick that perfect geometric designed outfit, you will be faced with endless possibilities since it is a must-have trend. Find out below on how to wear this geometric trend without having to look like and unsolved puzzle. 
‘Don’t mix patterns’ is a misconception 
Fashion fanatics have often explained about the disaster of mixing pattern when it comes to geometric designs. This rule of fashion is definitely a misconception since mixing of geometric prints works well provided you have the eye to do so. Pick an outfit with geometric prints from an online fashion store and avoid matching your accessories with the patterns. Mixing designs and patterns must be done in a way, which shows your exquisite sense of fashion and don’t end up looking like a geometric patterned mess. 
Visual on top and simple on the bottom 
If mixing patterns is not your cup of tea, choose to keep it simple on the bottom and go monochrome. Choose a crowded visual for the top by picking a plain top from new fashion clothes for women and adding more geometric detail on the bottom. You could also wear a colorful geometric print ensuring one color of this palette will breathe life into the simpler half of your ensemble. 
Compliment the shape of your body 
Geometric prints decide how your body is accentuated as well. If you feel you want the attention away from your hips, you can balance out your figure by choosing a top with geometric prints. Wearing pants or a skirt with geometric designs will only do the opposite. 
If the problem lies in the height, you could shorten a few inches by wearing a heavily geometric romper or dress in order to attract more attention to the torso. For people with petite body structures, outfits with vertical oriented designs that make you look more heightened. 
 Choose wisely how you accessories  
Spice up your bold look with accessories that are in contrast to the geometric designs on the outfit. If the contrast makes too bold a statement you could pick accessories in same tone that fits the overall palette of the outfit. Keep it simple with the jewelry and accessories with a bangle or a thin neck-piece. 
Geometric prints on outfits provide an exciting and fun outlook to your personality. It has also become a new fashion for women of late to update their wardrobe with these wild, colorful shaped shirts. 
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