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4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself to Get a Better Fitting Bra

Get a Better Fitting Bra
Get a Better Fitting Bra

​Bra fitting these days are important especially if you want to buy the most comfortable lingerie that can last for a long time. Bra fitting should not be complicated to do. You can get a professional help from bra fitting experts from lingerie stores and if you are uncomfortable doing it, you can do it at home by searching for video tutorials or articles online.
To get your better size with high accuracy, you should try answering these questions. It may not solve your bra problems but it is a good start to understand more your needs on a bra. With this, you would be able to know why your previous bras are uncomfortable. You can find out, if for example your current size is 32A, your real size is 32B and you should be looking for 32b bras.

1. Is the band too loose?

Think about these things:

  • If you have a new bra, do you always wear it on the tightest hook?
  • Are you pulling the band back down once you lift your arms up?
  • Does the band move around frequently, making you uncomfortable all day?
  • When you turn on your side, does the bra ride up in the back instead of keeping parallel to the ground?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, you should try buying a bra with band size down. With smaller band, you are not required to re-adjust it frequently or all day. Most of the bra’s support comes for the band so you will be able to additional lift as well. When you buy a bra, ensure that it will fit great on the loosest set of hooks in order to make it tighter because it stretches over time.

If you have been wearing bras with loose bands, it tends to feel snug and comfortable, however, the band might look smaller on you. When you are fitting for a new bra, make sure that you are able to know how the band feels.

2. Does your underwire small portion of breast tissue?

Answer the following questions in your mind:

  • Does your skin spills out of the sides or top of your bra cup?
  • Instead of just creating a smooth line, does the top part of the cup makes some cut line into your boobs?
  • Check the underwire, does it sits on the boobs itself and not against the torso (a place where the underside of the boobs meets the ribcage)?

Now, if you answered yes to any of the questions mentioned above, then you should buy a lingerie with a cup that is one size up. Keep in mind that you should experience a comfort when wearing a bra and you should also get the best support. In order to achieve it, the underwire should be able to support all your skin, leaving to space between the chest and the wire. Moreover, the underwire should not sit on any of your boobs tissue. If you see that your breasts are spilling out of the cup, replace the bra with bigger cup size. If for example your current size is 32b, then choose among the 32c bras that will truly make you comfortable.

3. Does the bra straps tightened all the way?

Try answering the following questions:

  • Do the straps keep on falling all day even after you tightened them already?
  • Do you have this feeling of altering the straps or just but a racerback with hook so you would feel that you are getting enough support or keeping your boobs from spilling out of the cups?

If your lingerie is just a new purchase, it is a good time trying a band size down. The straps stretches too just the band over time. In short, the bra is getting older too, so you need to tighten the straps to make it fit like new. Also, keep in mind that a new bra does not require to be tightened all the way. It will definitely keep everything in place since it is new.

4. Is the center bridge or gore stands up from your breastbone?

The bridge or gore on the bra is durable triangle part connecting the two cups at the center of the chest. It is considered a good spot for any troubleshoot when your bra is being uncomfortable or you find yourself re-adjusting the boobs frequently. Depending on the breast shape, for most women, the bridge should feel best sitting flush against the chest and not hanging off or feels like the boobs are pushing it away.

If the band is not tight enough, try sizing it down. Doing so will pull the band closer to the body to make the bridge sit snugly. Now, if the band fit enough but still boobs are pushing away the gore for your body, it is time to increase the cup size.

After evaluating your answers to these important questions, you are ready to but the best-fitting bra in the universe.