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Hair by Chrissy

Hair By Chrissy
Hair By Chrissy

Hair By Chrissy has received a lot of criticism for following the same procedures on every client. The salon was even accused of not complying with California’s Covid-19 regulations when it opened in Los Angeles. The company has never experimented with their techniques, which has led to negative backlash.


Hair by Chrissy is an account on TikTok run by Chrissy Rasmussen, a hair stylist. Her Instagram and TikTok accounts are popular with celebrities and have 1.5 million followers. The stylist owns a salon in Arizona and LA and has styled several famous people.

Hair by Chrissy has gained popularity on social media for several reasons. First of all, Rasmussen has been making videos about her salons and services for several months now. She has been attracting influencers who want to have summery balayage done.


It looks like Hair by Chrissy on Yelp is no longer in business. The review site temporarily froze the salon’s page because of the increasing public outcry. Then, the viral drama spread across the world’s For You Pages. Despite the public outcry, the TikTok star has yet to respond. She’s still posting on Instagram and other social media, and hasn’t even replied to the negative reviews.

The hairstylist is also on TikTok, where she has turned off comments. In addition, she has removed the comment feature from her website and social media accounts. Although the comments are no longer visible, the video has gone viral. The smart algorithm of TikTok makes it a perfect breeding ground for virality.


There has been some criticism of Hair By Chrissy salons for poor safety standards. The salons have been accused of having insufficient safety measures for employees. In addition, many customers have complained about the high price of the services. Salons for hair by Chrissy have yet to respond to these complaints.

The Chrissy’s Habit Salon is located outside of Pheonix and specializes in installing extensions. Many celebrities make the trip to the salon for a signature look. While the hair salon has gained some popularity, some social media users have condemned it for violating California’s Covid-19 regulations. The salon also appears to follow the same procedure for every client, never trying anything new.

Safety standards

The hairstyles of social media influencers have drawn controversy. One video from Hair By Chrissy criticized a woman leaving a salon with the same hairstyle. The controversy reflects the standards of female beauty that are prevalent on the Internet. The video also demonstrates the lack of safety standards in salons.

The videos were sarcastically mocked by TikTok users, as well as by Hair By Chrissy’s followers. The controversial salon has a massive following, and has drawn the ire of people on social media. She boasts 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 885,000 followers on Instagram. However, the recent controversy about the salon’s lack of safety standards is not helping Chrissy’s popularity.