Hair Smoothening at Home- How to Get Straight and Soft Hair Naturally

Hair Smoothening at Home
Hair Smoothening at Home

Hair Smoothening at Home

Hair Smoothing in the home. home hairstyles are often dictated by the strict rules and protocol of an office, which can make it hard to incorporate personal style into work attire. However, with a few quick styling steps, you can bring some of your own personality into the work place, with a simple hair mask. Create your own “hair spa” in your own office by using olive oil, gel, mousse or pomade and some inexpensive products from the kitchen like mayonnaise, whipped cream, ice cubes, honey and peppermint. You’ll have a blast sculpting your tresses, creating soft and straight hair for a professional look.

Hair Smoothing in the Busy Kitchen. Sometimes there’s just no way to leave home without putting on your best professional hairdo – but kitchen hairstyles can be a little more difficult to manage when time constraints are an issue. Hair smoothing tools can come in quite handy while tidying up a busy kitchen. Hair smoothing bars are a great tool to have available when you’re in a pinch; simply slip the bar through the head of your hair, start the smoothing process, spread the bar across the face and let the hair smoothen itself out as you continue brushing and combing.

Hair Smoothing at Home. Creating hair masks is a great way to get the smoothest and silkiest hair you can without the high cost of professional salon treatments. Creating a simple hair mask is as easy as mix a bit of olive oil, mayonnaise, avocado and honey and applying the mixture to wet hair. This mask can then be gently massaged into the scalp for instant hair smoothing results.

Hair Smoothing at Home. Creating a bridal hair mask is another quick and easy way to give you a celebrity-like hairstyle without the high price. Combine olive oil, lemon juice, lavender oil, baby shampoo, and mint extract in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle and apply the mixture to wet hair and scrunch the mixture gently into your hair. Hair masques dry fast and leave no residue.

Hair Smoothing at Home. Creating an at home hair mask is the ideal solution for those who don’t have the time or patience to try out different hairstyles and hair products at the salon. Creating at home mask takes very little time and is cost effective. Simply mix one part hair gel, one part olive oil, and one part honey, and apply the mixture to wet hair and scrunch the mixture gently into your hair.

Hair Smoothing at Home. Creating gorgeous hairstyles can be a daunting task. However, there are few things that you can do at home that will help give you the celebrity style hair that you desire without the hefty cost. Simply find a quality hair mask and try it on. It won’t take more than 10 minutes, and you will be glad that you tried it out. Hair Smoothening at Home image creadit freepik