Happiness cannot be Measured in Body - Guest Post

Happiness cannot be Measured in Body

body shape
body shape

Above is a picture someone possibly would be ashamed of if it were one’s own body. But hopefully someone who would not be ashamed.

For me, not such a picture longer about shame or satisfaction. It’s about different body shapes formed on the basis of different minds. It’s about thoughts and feelings that are affected by past events, experiences and circumstances that affect self-esteem, body, health, food, training, achievement, family, studies, career and ambitions. To mention something.

You see six pictures of different phases flicked in a period where thoughts
influence emotions, which led to several different patterns of behavior,
and again resulted in six different body shapes.

Body Shape describes neither me nor happiness, as I once thought it did.
Man has always intrigued me, but I ended up with a distorted focus where
the appearance was something that defined the value I had that person. I fell into a bubble where visualization of happiness was associated with the day my own body would be like an ideal that promoted the eye could see; selected muscles and low body fat percentage. The thought of why and how this would affect the quality of life based on the mental and general body function occurred to me not. Not until I actually even got to know about it.

After getting experience a deferred health, I asked myself finally the crucial
question; ” Certainly does body somewhat, but should not be focused on
how it works, and not primarily against what it looks like?”.

A body is what carries you through your life day in and day out. Which in my opinion should be treated and shaped with an ulterior motive of what comprehensive set gives you energy, joy, satisfaction, and desired degree of challenges and development. For what pleasure provides a certain body shape if it comes at the expense of overall quality of life?

We only have one, so take care of it. Even if you live with a little pork belly
or not.