Born in the spring season on 4th May 2004 in the city of New York, Helene Boshoven has an impressive fan following. Her parents Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore were separated before she was born. After that, her mother got married to a famous singer, Seal, who is legally known as Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel. He raised Helene well and never treated her like a stepdaughter, Helene uses his surname till now, even though Seal and Heidi got divorced years back. In spite of being her stepfather, his appearance has always been that of a biological father. Helene’s mother is German, while her biological father is Italian, she has got a great combination of both the races.

Helene is still too young and has not taken any decision concerning her career yet. Strange but true, she doesn’t have any social media accounts but has many fan pages and millions of followers. It is anticipated that she will follow her mother and become a model in the future. Her fans are eager to see her as a model just like her mother; they are deliberately waiting for Helene to announce her career decision.