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Hime Cut

The Hime cut originated in the Japanese imperial court amidst the Heian period. It is a princess cut, also widely known as the Hime Katto. It was derived by blending the Amasogi and Binsogi hairstyles. The earlier one was extremely popular in imperial times and is a blunt shoulder-length cut. While the latter, Binsogi cut implies cutting the hair near the ears at par with the ear-length.

The Royals loved to flaunt their hairstyle, they grew out their hair profusely. But they kept their bangs eyebrow-length and their sidelocks were cut at cheek-length. This made their hair look voluminous as well as enhanced their appeal. Even today in the 21st century, this hairstyle is predominantly seen in anime. This hairstyle was very impactful and it was carried out in a ceremony called Binsogi when she turned 20.

The “gothic Lolita” culture has adapted the Hime Cut style deeply. Apart from Japan, the South Korean K-Pop Stars are seen smashing the look. Although, Hime cut requires regular maintenance and trimming, still it popular because of its edgy look. It gives what you desire for, well-defined layers, sidelocks, bangs and the perfect tuck behind the ear. Totally flawless!