Holiday Workout & Eating Tips for Fat-Free Body - Guest Post

Holiday Workout & Eating Tips for Fat-Free Body

holiday workout
holiday workout

We all have a habit of blaming out fat gain to that break we took from our gym routine and consumed all those calories while we were out on a holiday. Well, let us tell you that it is a myth! Nothing like that happens unless you are sitting in the bed without moving a bone for days along with eating thousands of calories in the form of chocolates and other fatty foods.

However, we have some workout and diet options for you that you can follow while you are on holiday also so that you are able to maintain your physique.

Holiday Nutrition
Consuming the correct amount of nutrition is the key. You can be off the gym for as long as 3 weeks while being on a holiday and still see no visible changes in your body shape except a temporary (small) reduction in the strength. Maintain a decent nutrition while holidaying and you would be able to maintain your ‘gains’.

ProteinEnsure that you are consuming an adequate amount of protein with every meal that you have. Along with minimizing your muscle loss, it would make you feel full always and that would save you from munching on all the bad foods which can result in weight gain.

BalanceKeep all your meals balanced with equal portions of vegetables and carbohydrates. Also, prefer brown alternatives over the white if you have the options available with you to ensure that you are maintaining a low Glycemic Index (GI).

Hydration Always opt for water over all those fizzy drinks. Along with keeping your body hydrated (especially when you are visiting those warm climates), it will also help you to reduce the amount of all the empty calories that you consume. Therefore, it will aid you in minimizing all the fat gain.

Holiday Training
Though hotels normally have gyms, they tend to stock more of the basic equipment than the heavier weights that you might need being an experienced trainer. Thus apart from hotel gym workouts, you can go for the hotel room workouts also. Mentioned below is a hotel room workout that you can incorporate in your routine on your holiday.

Push Ups (full or knee)10
Bent over rows using rucksack or suitcase10
Bodyweight lunges10/side
Plank30 seconds

If you are beginner then perform 4 circuits of these exercises, 6 if you are an intermediate and go for 8 if you are an advanced trainer. Also, make sure that you take some rest for 15-30 seconds in between each circuit, except if you are an advanced level trainer. Then you should be aiming to complete all the circuits without any rest in between.

In addition to this, you can always go for a job to explore the nearby areas of your holiday destination. You can always have some time doing HIIT swimming in your hotel’s pool or can go cycling and hiking in the countryside areas if you live those kind of activities.

So do not worry about gaining any fat and enjoy your holiday. Besides, you can always get back home and start using the fat freezing belt each morning to lose the little fat you gained in those few weeks.