Keep in Mind While Going Out for Honeymoon after Wedding! Guest Post

Here’s What to Keep in Mind While Going Out for Honeymoon after Wedding!


​You are finally getting hitched! Being surrounded by the wedding day plans – venue, menu, guest list, dress, gifts (and the list is truly unending) is completely understandable. You, your fiancé, both the families and your wedding planner are probably going all abuzz with the preparations and excitement for the big day.
But, while you are busy in talks with your wedding planner about choosing the best caterer of the town, don’t miss out the one thing that is equally important and needs some planning too – Your honeymoon!
.​After spending the busy day – filled with people, dancing and rituals going around you all the time, your honeymoon is going to be the one time where you will be spending some lone and quality time with your partner. So, plan to make it just as special (if not more) as your wedding day.
And if you are a bit clueless where to begin the planning for your honeymoon from, we have listed out some things that you should certainly consider before finalizing the plans.
1.Time of the Year
Consider the weather and the local festivals of the place where you are planning to go. Since, you would be mostly likely going for the honeymoon soon after your wedding date, you can get the advance knowledge about the festival and climatic conditions and choose a location accordingly so that you can explore it better.
2.Leave from Work
It’s important that you both have asked your bosses about the number of days that you can get off from the work to enjoy the time with your spouse. We advise you to keep few days before planning your honeymoon so that you can get done with all the rituals while sparing some time to get over the wedding excitement also.
3.Places of Interest
Everybody have some dream destinations in mind where you would want to spend the first holiday with your life partner. It’s time you discuss out about your wishes in open with your fiancé and see if you both can find some common interests and decide a location that would be of interest to you both. If not, see if you guys can find a middle way and go for multiple locations.
Though dream destinations are always there to help you get started with the conversations, having a budget finalized would help you get back to the reality. Have a frank discussion with your fiancé and decide how much you both can afford to spend. Also, keep it in mind that the prices are definitely going to be higher if you are going during peak season.
5.Travel Documents
If you are planning for some location abroad, make sure that you have checked your passport that it is not about to expire. Also, get your visas and all the other travelling certificates in place well in advance so that nothing gets delayed because of the holidays and festivals in India or the country you are visiting since the relevant offices will remain closed on those days.
Planning honeymoon is great way to work together with your fiancé and know about each-other’s choices better. Rope in your wedding planner for some advice, and they might be able to recommend some of the trip advisors to you where you can get good discounts. Plan and enjoy your time together!