Women’s guide - How to use hot rollers with clips? - Guest post

Women’s guide – How to use hot rollers with clips?

hot rollers with clips
hot rollers with clips

​In the recent era, the utilization of hot rollers to curl your hairs seems to be an old-fashioned trick. However, the major reason for why this gadget is still used by a large number of women is that the same possess the capability to make your hairs look like that of the natural curly hairs. These natural looking curls flow beautifully on the shoulders and hence enhance the beauty of the woman. From providing you with the classic curls and bouncy waves to making the elegant ringlets, hot rollers can cater the entire requirements of a woman. So if you are looking out for the guide on how to use hot rollers with clips then here I am presenting some tips to curl your hairs easily using the same.

Step by step guide on how to use hot rollers with clips
In order to make your hairs look brilliant, the hot rollers can turn out to be the best possible option. Whether you are going out for a romantic dinner party or planning to have a get together with your colleagues, curl can look perfect at any event. Let’ discuss the tips to curl your hairs with hot rollers and make your event memorable.

  • Step 1: get the rollers ready – the first basic step to use this appliance is to heat up the same. Plug in the hot rollers prior to applying it over your hairs. If you are a beginner in this field and carrying rollers the first time then it is advisable to go through the manufacturer’s guide to use the appliance appropriately.
  • Step 2: spray you hairs – apply the gentle hold hairspray to your dry hairs. The spray should reach every section of your hairs as it helps to define the curls. Make sure to not put the machine in wet hairs as the wet hairs cannot be curled.
  • Step 3: divide the hairs and hold it with clips – the next step is to divide your hairs into three or two sections depending on the thickness and length of the same. Generally, it becomes troublesome to curl entire hair at one stroke. Therefore, it is recommended to divide them and then use the rollers in each section. Use a comb to create 2-3 equal sections and hold the same with clips.
  • Step 4: roll the middle portion – once your hot roller is heated up, the next step is to hold the middle section of your hair and start the machine. Wrap the middles section with the roller in the upper direction and continue wrapping it until you observe the formation of curls. Nowadays, in order to make the curls look natural, woman roll the same in diverse directions. For instance, rolling a small section of your hairs backwards whereas the remaining portion in a forward direction can avoid making uniform curls.
  • Step 5: roll the side portion – coming to the side sections, begin rolling the hairs from the top of your hair and make sure to wrap and roll them tightly so that the hairs will fall horizontally over your forehead. Once the top section of your head is completed, apply clips to that area to mark them done. Repeat the same activity with the rest of your hairs by rolling them down from head to neck unless the entire hairs are rolled.
  • Step 6: spray the hairs and set up the curls – once you are done with rolling the hairs, get a firm-hold hairspray to spray all the rolls. It will aid your curls to stay intact especially when the rollers are removed. Wait for at least 15-20 minutes to set your curls.
  • Step 7: remove the rollers – the last step is to take out the rollers and let the hairs flow over your shoulders. Try fluffing and separating the curls with your fingers or spray your hairs again to set the curls.

This way you can set your hairs with hot rollers and clips. Whether you are using hot rollers for thick hair or opting the same for short and thin hairs, you can easily create curly hairs with this machine. Though hot rollers are often termed to be an outdated appliance, thousands of women are still using it to create natural curly hairs.
So, what are you waiting for? If you desire to look elegant and make your hairs look amazing then what is better than using a hot roller? You can easily get it from your nearby local marker or from the online store.